New requirements for unvaccinated travelers are poised to cause huge disruptions in international travel.


New requirements for unvaccinated travelers are poised to cause huge disruptions in international travel.

The administration is poised to unveil big changes to overseas travel regulations today.

Unvaccinated people may be forced to quarantine when they return to the UK, according to reports.

It has been suggested that visitors who do not have both doses of the vaccine may be asked to do two PCR tests upon arrival in the UK from all nations.

According to the Mirror Online, it is part of a review of travel laws that is set to be approved by ministers on Friday.

According to the designs, the traffic light system might be reduced even further, with the amber list being eliminated entirely.

Unvaccinated passengers may be required to do a Covid test before boarding a trip home, as well as a PCR test on the second day after their return.

A lateral flow test will be required on day eight at the very least, and travelers will be quarantined for ten days.

It has been reported that only holidaymakers’ purchased lateral flow tests will be approved, rather than the free equipment provided by the government.

According to the Telegraph, the rule change will only affect persons who have not been fully vaccinated with the Covid vaccine.

According to the publication, Public Health England officials are opposing the withdrawal of PCR tests on return visits since the test results are logged more quickly than lateral flow tests.

Airlines UK’s chief executive, Tim Alderslade, has asked the government to proceed with eliminating the testing requirement.

“The economic repercussions of not reopening are growing by the day, and this is the last chance to amend the travel rules within the Government’s own Taskforce timeframe,” he said.

“They’re taking away furlough benefits for a sector that hasn’t been given permission to reopen.

“Either we use this chance to reduce these restrictions, or we risk losing thousands of jobs and further eroding our competitiveness as a trading nation.”

Meanwhile, the requirements for fully vaccinated British citizens appear to be loosening, with plans to eliminate the requirement for arrivals to take a PCR test on their second day back.

The demand for a lateral before departure. “The summary has come to an end.”


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