‘NBA 2K21’ Next Generation MyNBA unveiled: MyLeague and MyGM combined.


NBA 2K21 next-gen reveals that there are always new revelations, with the latest information revolving around a newly mixed management experience called MyNBA. Put simply, franchise mode and MyGM are now under the same roof, so both related game types can benefit from each other’s capabilities. Here is a list of the highlights you can expect, courtesy of the latest blog post on the Courtside Report.

Fantasy draft: randomly draw players through the league.
Customize the league rules: Choose the rules you want from the beginning. Lottery, Leaderboard, All-Star, Shot Clock, Foul Out, Track Injury, Eight-Second Injury, Backcourt Injury, Playoffs, Possession Arrow, Bonus, Goalkeeper, Back to Basket, Sudden Death in Extra Time, Free Throws, Salary cap, Trade, Draft, Contracts and Elam Ending.
Ordinary roster: Use Stock Roster or rosters created by fans.
Custom League: For the first time you can remove teams to have only 12 teams per league.
CBA rules: Turn them on or off as you like.
Roleplay: Roleplay: Turn MyGM elements like conversations, scoring, skills, tasks and morale & chemistry on or off.
Budget and Finances: Salary cap, hard cap and luxury tax, etc.
Play with friends: Set up a MyNBA online league with all available franchise and GM options.
Playable G-League
Boom/Bust: Boom and Bust has been redesigned to offer more options such as low and high potential floors, low and high potential ceilings and the likelihood of a boom, bust or hit somewhere in between. Prospects continue to evolve after the age of 23.
Assistant Coach: New employees who can have an impact on your team.
2K Share: Using “Share Setups” and “Share Scenarios”, players can upload their own settings configurations for others to use.
Tattoos: On both generated players and potential players.

New Features

MyGM: Manage as many teams as you want, with different levels of control Focus on RPG elements for some teams and not others.
MyLeague/MyLeague Online: Now supports the RPG features of MyGM.
A redesigned user interface: Reach every menu with a right stick movement.

The source blog post offers very detailed explanations on each of these facets, but the core idea of MyNBA is that it provides an enhanced experience by mixing the best parts of MyGM and MyLeague. It allows players to create a hardcore MyLeague management experience with RPG elements or to create an RPG experience with more depth in rules and regulations. Perhaps the best part of all is that almost none of the new content is forced upon the players. Those who prefer the standard gameplay options of the two modes can use them at any time.

Another plus is that MyNBA becomes a simplified offering, with the entire online community of the mode working together to bring out the best parts. If wading through the sea of menus becomes too complicated, just look at the 2K Share options to choose rosters and options that come closest to the experience you want. MyGM and MyLeague will always be a bit dense, but with MyNBA you can customize the experience to see as much or as little of the base as you like. For people who like to ride the numbers, MyNBA sounds like a strong offer.

NBA 2K21 will be coming to the Xbox series X/S on November 10th and to the PS5 on November 12th.

Does the MyNBA mode sound like fun to you? Are you happy that MyLeague and MyGM have been combined? Tell us in the comments…. section


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