More passengers in our region are using the new London-style pass.


More passengers in our region are using the new London-style pass.

As people return to public transportation in the Liverpool City Region, more people than ever are using a London-style “tap and go” payment system.

This week, ticket sales through the Metrosmart platform, which allows customers to buy tickets to use on their Metrocards, surpassed £1 million.

In January 2020, the Metrocard scheme replaced the Walrus card, allowing users to purchase smart tickets and manage their accounts online for the first time.

Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram pushed for the change as part of a larger strategy to develop an integrated “London-style transportation system” for our region.

Metro Mayor Rotheram stated that the service would continue to expand to meet traveler demand, claiming that it provided them with considerably greater flexibility.

“The Metrosmart portal is all about making tickets simpler and easier for people traveling around our region, so it’s great to see passengers taking advantage of this online service,” he said.

“We’re working on more products and services to suit the growing need for smarter ticketing solutions that provide more convenience and choice,” says the company.

Passengers can register their smartcards, purchase a variety of smart tickets for use on bus or train, and manage their accounts online using the Metrosmart portal.

Tickets are collected by tapping the card on the bus or at the train station once they have been purchased.

Earlier this year, Merseyrail made more ticket options available online, and platform validators were placed at 66 stations across the network.


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