Melee Hatchet Guide And Tips For ‘New World’ Builds


Melee Hatchet Guide And Tips For ‘New World’ Builds

The hatchet is a flexible weapon that sacrifices range for speed, allowing players in the “New World” to unleash a flurry of hits on anything that gets too near. Because to its active skills and passives, it’s also one of the more popular weapon options for pure DPS builds.

Hatchets, unlike swords and shields, are primarily used to inflict injury. This weapon type doesn’t have much in the way of defense (with the exception of one passive skill), but it makes up for it with its tremendous DPS potential.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to wield the hatchet in melee in “New World,” as well as some pointers on how to personalize it to your liking.

Build a Melee Hatchet

Berserk is the hatchet’s most unique melee skill, giving the user a 20% damage bonus for a moderate amount of time. Unlocking the linked perks will improve this skill even further. Players will be able to move quicker, break through CC affects, and regenerate health if they have enough points.

When using the hatchet as a melee weapon, always take Berserk.

Feral Rush is a great gap closer with a short cooldown that may also be used as an attack filler. Use it to engage or pursue down foes, and don’t be afraid to use it a lot.

Raging Torrent, on the other hand, necessitates a greater level of patience because it can be canceled if players are hit. When adversaries are stunned or busy attacking teammates, this talent works best.

Defy Death, for example, allows players to withstand lethal blows every 75 seconds while also acquiring three seconds of immortality. This passive is best used in conjunction with Desperate Refresh and Enraged Strikes, since it allows players to employ these skills without fear of dying for a brief time.

When used in conjunction with Raging Torrent, Uninterruptible Berserk prevents the ability from being canceled. It also works well with Accumulated Power and Relentless Fury, since it allows players to loop heavy and light attacks without being interrupted, allowing them to obtain the advantages from the passive skills.

Strength is the attribute point that the hatchet scales the most off of, therefore players should put their points there first. Extra Dexterity is beneficial, but only weapons and armor items should be used to get points for this stat.


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