Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ Remaster and new game for the N7 day introduced.


Mass impact: Legendary Edition was finally announced as one of two surprises unveiled during BioWare’s small but satisfying N7 Day celebration. In a blog post written by VP and studio GM Casy Hudson, the long rumored remastered trilogy finally became reality. Surprisingly, however, this game is not the only mass effect project currently in progress.

Starting with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition news, it has been confirmed that the $59 package includes the first three Mass Effect games as well as all DLC and promo weapons, armor and packs. All content has been completely remastered for Xbox One, PS4 and PC with support for 4K Ultra HD. As for the Xbox X|S and PS5 series, which are just around the corner, they will also receive platform-specific forward compatibility enhancements.

As for the form of these improvements on each platform, updates to textures, shaders, models, effects and technical features are mentioned in the source reference. It is also said that the new builds will have “super-sharp resolution, faster frame rates and nice visual improvements”. Although an exact release date is not yet known, Hudson says the Legendary Edition is expected to be released in spring 2021.

But that is not all. To make the deal even sweeter, Hudson went a step further with his N7 Day joy and announced something completely different. “Meanwhile, here at BioWare, a veteran team has been working hard to imagine the next chapter in the universe of mass effect,” he joked. “We’re still at an early stage of the project and can’t say more yet, but we’re looking forward to sharing our vision of where we’re going next.

Rumors of a revised mass-effects trilogy have been circulating in the gaming industry for some time, and these discussions culminated last May when Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat surreptitiously hinted that the project was in the works. While there are rumors behind the scenes that the Legendary Edition may have fallen victim to an inertial delay at least once during production, fans can now rest easy knowing that it is indeed genuine. In fact, the name Mass Effect Legendary Edition was still circulating on the Internet in September.

The fans would almost certainly like to know more about the upcoming collection, and there is still plenty of time before this news arrives, now that the game is a known quantity. Will the chaotic inventory management of the first Mass Effect finally be streamlined? Will the horrible maco control be improved? Can we finally get native controller support on the PC? It’s too early to be sure, but it certainly sounds like Hudson and his crew are sending the right messages to the passionate fans of the series. We will certainly learn more in the next few months, but until then, it’s “I should go”.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released in spring 2021 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What do you think of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition based on this N7 day unveiling? Can these remasters live up to the hype? Tell us in the comments section!


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