Linda Robson of Loose Women curses on-air, despite the fact that she is off-air.


Linda Robson of Loose Women curses on-air, despite the fact that she is off-air.

Linda Robson of Loose Women accidently yelled f*** live on TV, shocking her co-hosts.

When Linda said the word, she was presenting a part on ITV’s competition to win £1 million.

Linda, 63, was shown struggling to open the money box while unaware she was on-air.

The star of Coronation Street criticizes the BBC breakfast host’s error.

“Oh hello ladies,” Linda exclaimed as she addressed her coworkers.

“Can you believe it, they’ve left me in charge of the prize?”

That’s it! In this trolley, there’s one million pounds. This morning, it came directly from the ITV bank account.

“How the f**k do I open it?” you might wonder.

The Loose Women gasped, according to the Mirror, before realizing Linda assumed she was off-air.

“Are we living on air?” Linda wondered. Sorry, I mistook it for the rehearsal.” Linda’s slip of the tongue was passionately apologized for by Loose Women panelist Charlene White, but viewers found the whole incident amusing.

“Oh!” exclaimed Charlene. Please accept our sincere apologies. I apologize for Linda’s language; she is well aware that she has made a mistake. We’d like to apologize for Linda’s blunder. Please accept my sincere apologies.

“Please accept my sincere apologies to the viewers.”

Viewers, on the other hand, began to tweet in droves, calling Linda a “legend.”

“Linda!!!!!” exclaimed one. On Loose Women, using the F-bomb. “You are a legend.” “She’s a British legend, and I’ll hear no different,” one joked. “I just watched Charlene’s soul leave her body when Linda shouted f**k,” a third Loose Women viewer remarked. Without a doubt, the greatest part of today’s show.” Linda’s blunder comes after the much-loved TV star revealed how being a member of the Loose Women panel helped her recover from “rock bottom.”

During the first two weeks of the lockdown, the star’s depression worsened, but returning to work on Loose Women was crucial to her recovery.

When the UK was placed on lockdown in March 2020, she stated in a honest interview that she suffered with being trapped indoors and not being able to see her family.

When she was granted the opportunity to return to the ITV daytime show, she said it was her’saving grace.’

“During the first couple of weeks of lockdown, I. “Summary concludes,” Linda said.


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