Lenovo: Patent dispute with Nokia leads to sales stop in Germany.


The company Lenovo is currently not allowed to sell most of its products in Germany. The background to this is an interim injunction in the patent dispute with Nokia. Daimler is also in conflict over license fees.

The Chinese laptop and smartphone manufacturer Lenovo has stopped selling all products in Germany that process videos with the so-called codec H.264 since Wednesday. The reason for this is a temporary injunction, which the Finnish company Nokia has enforced. Nokia accuses Lenovo of using the patented video compression technology H.264 unlicensed. The Munich Regional Court assessed the Finns’ claims as legitimate and granted the company the injunction on September 30.

All products with internal or dedicated graphics cards are affected, which is why Lenovo can currently only sell accessories and monitors and smartphones under the Moto and Razr brands. Laptops and tablets, on the other hand, cannot currently be ordered from Lenovo’s German website. Interested customers will only be informed that Lenovo “can only offer a limited product portfolio until further notice”.

“Legal action is never our preferred option, but Lenovo was unwilling to enter into discussions despite a clear verdict confirming the unauthorized use of Nokia’s patented technology,” said Nokia in a statement to the Bloomberg news agency. “Our door is open for Lenovo to resolve the matter through negotiations in good faith.

Lenovo has already appealed and replied that Nokia has refused to license its intellectual property to either Lenovo or its suppliers on fair terms – in line with the so-called FRAND principle.

“We believe that the availability of standardized technology on FRAND terms is critical to the future of the global technology industry and the dissemination of affordable innovation to customers around the world,” Lenovo told Bloomberg. Nokia’s licensing practices threatened that access.

Nokia and Lenovo are in dispute in courts in Germany, the United States, Brazil and India. The U.S. International Trade Commission is currently investigating a complaint by Nokia to block the import of laptops, tablet PCs and desktop computers from the Chinese company.

The complaint is part of Nokia’s strategy of charging royalties to manufacturers of retail products, rather than to manufacturers of individual components. The automotive industry is also affected. Up-to-date the Daimler AG is in a patent dispute with Nokia. On a judgement to 30 October one counts.

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