Lake Of Shadows Nightfall Guide in ‘Destiny 2 Season of the Lost’.


Lake Of Shadows Nightfall Guide in ‘Destiny 2 Season of the Lost’.

The popular Lake of Shadows attack returns to the Nightfall playlist this week, along with the coveted Palindrome hand cannon and the Swarm machinegun as the mission’s one-of-a-kind legendary weapon drops.

Lake of Shadows, unlike many of the other attack objectives in “Destiny 2,” is short and easy. The Lake of Shadows is frequently visited by players who are casually farming strikes for bounties because it requires less work to complete. The same can be true for its Nightfall counterpart, however the increased difficulties will, as expected, cause players additional difficulty.

Here’s a quick walkthrough and some pointers for completing the Nightfall variant of the Lake of Shadows strike in “Destiny 2.”

Loadouts to Consider

The Taken will be the only enemies in this strike. Expect to be attacked by swarms of Taken Thralls, Hobgoblin snipers, and those pesky Taken Phalanxes, which may kill players instantly if they collide with a wall or fall off the map.

For this strike, it’s best to have at least one fireteam member with a wave-clear weapon like Trinity Ghoul or Ager’s Scepter, as they may aid clear out the weaker foes that like to clump together. Ticuu’s Divination is also effective against harder enemies such as Knights and Phalanxes.

Legendary weapons with Dragonfly are great for clearing enemies, especially because this quest has a lot of vulnerable targets. This also frees up an exotic slot for the Lament, which is an excellent way to burn down the boss at the end of the level rapidly.

Composition of the Team

In the Lake of Shadows, a Revenant with Thermoclastic Bloom and Duskfield Grenades can be extremely useful. The Duskfield Grenade can delay and freeze invading swarms or immovable champions, and every Shuriken kill will grant one Orb of Power to the rest of the team.

The Ward of Dawn can prevent foes from overpowering the team without compromising DPS, therefore a top-tree Sentinel works effectively against the final fight. When a Titan places its bubble, use swords and other close-range weapons to rapidly kill the boss before they can cause any serious damage.


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