Judge condemns the’sickening’ attack on a pensioner who was shoved into the Mersey by a teenager.


Judge condemns the’sickening’ attack on a pensioner who was shoved into the Mersey by a teenager.

A court chastised a teenager for kicking a senior into the Mersey River, calling the attack “frankly revolting.”

As he stood beside the river, Benjamin Bridgeman acknowledged to kicking the 74-year-old with force.

The 19-year-old, along with a 16-year-old who cannot be identified for legal reasons, then fled.

Prosecutor Angela Blackmore told Warrington Magistrates Court today that the victim was out for a walk around 2.30pm on Sunday, April 25.

He was “looking over the Mersey,” she claimed, and he thought he had been “pushed really hard from behind.”

Bridgeman is seen kicking the pensioner in the back while laughing emojis are displayed on Snapchat footage that the ECHO has opted not to broadcast.

“He fell into the water and hit his head on something,” Ms Blackmore said.

“He said the water was quite cold and that he was shocked.”

Because he wasn’t a skilled swimmer, the victim was wearing a black puffa jacket and was “barely able to keep his head above water.”

He was only able to be pulled to safety until two schoolgirls came to his rescue.

He then returned home and “didn’t want to distress” his wife by telling her he had fallen in, but “later that day he told her he had been pushed,” according to the court.

Ms Blackmore said he was “extremely hurt and astonished,” and his wife said he has “changed in personality” and has become forgetful in a victim personal statement.

He was distraught at the loss of a keyring, she added, because his keys had slipped from his pocket and he had returned later that day to look for it.

After the incident was made public, a member of the public discovered the keyring and returned it to the victim, according to the court.

He “feels lucky to be alive,” according to the man’s wife, because he may have drowned if not for the young children.

Bridgeman turned himself in on April 28 after the attack, saying he “truly regrets” kicking the pensioner.

Bridgeman has a criminal record that includes possession of weapons, criminal damage, and violation of a community order.

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