In a massive Black Friday sale, a toy shop cuts products to 1p each.


In a massive Black Friday sale, a toy shop cuts products to 1p each.

Before the big day, a prominent online store has launched a massive 1p Black Friday offer.

PoundToy, which went viral after being featured on ITV’s This Morning, is assisting buyers in starting their Christmas shopping for as little as 1p.

Chocolate Coins, Christmas Scratch Art, Christmas coloring books, and Christmas letter to Santa packets are among the items provided.

The site’s penny deal, which offers things for 1p, is constantly accessible.

Tesco Black Friday offers include PlayStation 5 games, Google Nest, LEGO, and more.

There are always at least four 1p products available at any given moment, and they are constantly rotated. Click here to see all of the 1p goods.

PoundToy also has a big collection of branded toys at unbeatable prices, including L.O.L. Surprise!, Thomas and Friends, Harry Potter, and Disney Pixar toys.

For Black Friday, the retailer is providing a variety of different offers, including Star Wars and Fortnite merchandise.

Surprise, surprise! Pets are now £8, down from £14 previously. Slime Baff – £4, down from £9. 99Friends Board Game – £15, down from £24.99 99Disney Princess Hatching Egg – £5 (was £9)Disney Princess Hatching Egg – £5 (was £9)Disney Princess Hatching Egg – £5 Soft Toys from 99Toys – £10 (was £16.99). “Christmas is a particularly expensive time of year for most parents, and stocking fillers can mount up if you’re not careful,” said Elliot Lumb, managing director at PoundToy. Parents can easily and affordably fill their children’s stockings with delightful gifts they’ll like thanks to our penny specials.

“We offer a terrific choice of product categories and an excellent assortment of toys, all in direct supply from the major toy manufacturers, meaning we can pass on large discounts to our consumers, whether you’re looking for stocking fillers or Christmas presents.”

“We believe that the best toys are driven by imagination and ingenuity, and we seek to create toys that will be treasured and loved for years to come.”

All orders over £25. are also eligible for free shipping from PoundToy.


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