How to Set Limits on Your Child’s In-Game Purchases on Xbox Spending Controls


How to Set Limits on Your Child’s In-Game Purchases on Xbox Spending Controls

Parents can now accept their child’s in-game purchases with a simple screen tap on their mobile device via the “Xbox Family Settings” app.

What Is the Xbox Family Settings App and How Do I Use It?

In 2020, the Xbox Family Settings app was released, allowing parents to have more control over their children’s gaming activities.

You may use this feature to control many parts of your child’s Xbox experience, including as who they communicate with online, how much screen time they get per day, and what content they have access to. This can all be done remotely using a mobile device, allowing you to impose any necessary limitations while you are away from home.

The ability to filter incoming friend requests, weekly updates on what your child has been playing, and even the ability to interrupt their gaming sessions if they are running too long are all notable features.

The Family Settings app is available for download for free and is compatible with all Xbox systems. That means you may use it to manage your child’s account on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox Series X. Some features, such as setting screen time limitations, are also available on Windows 10 PCs.

How Do Spending Limits Work?

The Xbox Family Settings app has been updated with additional options that allow you to keep a closer eye on your child’s online activities and even impose some limits.

The most significant change is that you can now set a spending restriction for your child, ensuring that you do not end up with an unexpectedly high payment at the end of the month. Games like Apex Legends and Fortnite are extremely popular among the younger generation, and they provide a plethora of ways for users to spend real money on cosmetics, skins, and content from controversial loot boxes. Minecraft, too, has some expensive material that is appealing to children.

If left unchecked, a youngster can easily rack up a large sum of money through microtransactions, especially if your credit card information is saved on their Xbox account. The new spending limits are designed to address this issue by allowing you to establish a strict limit on how much they can spend.

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