How to Pre-Install ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Using Xbox Game Pass


How to Pre-Install ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Using Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for Xbox One X and Xbox One S. The port, which was announced during this year’s E3, is technically the first exclusive for next-gen consoles (meaning it won’t be available on the Xbox One).

When will ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ be released on Xbox?

Microsoft Flight Simulator features stunning graphics, intricate dynamics, and an accurate replica of the world created with high-resolution satellite imagery and photogrammetry.

This last feature essentially means that you can use the game to explore any location on the earth because it uses data from Bing maps. If you like, you can calculate a course to your own house, climb to the summit of Mount Everest, fly across the African plains, or even visit Disneyland’s Cinderella castle. Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island proved to be a favorite vacation spot for some last year.

Due to all of the travel limitations and people being unable to go on vacation, it seemed only inevitable that the PC version of Flight Simulator would experience a tremendous rise in popularity during the past year. Console gamers will now have the opportunity to see what all the excitement is about.

The port will be open to the public today at 11 a.m. ET. Those who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription can begin downloading it ahead of time so that it is ready to play as soon as it becomes available.

How to Get ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ Pre-Installed

You must first turn on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Press the home button, which is the huge X symbol at the top of your controller, once the main dashboard has loaded.

A side window with numerous options will then appear. To see all of your games and apps, go to the “My Games & Apps” page and click “See All.”

Then, on the Xbox Store, click the “Looking For More” icon, which will take you to a specific page. You can locate a product page for Microsoft Flight Simulator if you look in the “Games Coming Soon” section.

When you choose the game, you’ll be offered with a variety of options, including deluxe and premium deluxe editions. As part of a Game Pass. This is a condensed version of the information.


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