How To Play Solo Portal Matches In ‘Battlefield 2042’


How To Play Solo Portal Matches In ‘Battlefield 2042’

Portal mode, a sort of sandbox that allows players to construct bespoke battles tailored to their own tastes — including solo lobbies stocked with AI-controlled friends and foes — is one of the most important aspects in “Battlefield 2042.”

Portal’s custom lobbies may provide some relief for those who are bored of the mayhem in the normal modes. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””X However, there is no in-game customization option, which may leave some players perplexed as to how to create their own Portal games. At first look, it’s a perplexing design decision, yet it all makes sense in the broader scheme of things.

How to host solo lobbies in Portal mode in “Battlefield 2042”

Players must open their internet browser and go to the Experience Builder on the official “Battlefield” Portal website to create a custom match.

The sheer extent of customizability in “Battlefield 2042” is nothing to scoff at. Players will be able to fully modify their Portal game modes on this website using an easy-to-use interface that is linked to their EA accounts.

Create a custom Portal game mode by logging in with an EA account and following the on-screen directions. Players can choose from all maps, eras, and game types available in the current edition of “Battlefield 2042,” and creating a custom game is as simple as selecting settings and tweaking sliders.

Click “Finish” in the lower-right corner of the UI after you’ve set up all of the essential parameters. Give it a name and a brief description before clicking “Save.” Return to the game and host a new Portal lobby once it has been saved. It should be possible to choose the new game mode.

How can I use the Rules Editor?

The Rules Editor is the final element of the Experience Builder, and it allows players to write their own custom code to create unique game types. However, while creating a custom game mode for the first time, players may discover this area of the builder disabled.

Make sure the main mode is set to Team Deathmatch or Free For All in order to access this section. If participants are constructing a Conquest or Rush-based game mode, the Rules Editor will be grayed out.


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