How To Get Secret Chests In New Expeditions In ‘Outriders’


How To Get Secret Chests In New Expeditions In ‘Outriders’

The new Expeditions that came with the “New Horizon” update for “Outriders” feature a few surprises that players may not be aware of.

Each of the new Expeditions has a hidden chest that contains a guaranteed Epic weapon with an organic theme. These chests are the only ones in the game that can drop these new weapons, thus players who want to acquire all of the weapon skins will need to unlock them.

Fortunately, most of these chests are within easy reach. Here’s a brief guide to finding the secret boxes in each of the new “Outriders” Expeditions. Depths of Molten Metal This is the simplest of the new Expeditions, and the secret box here is frequently the first one that players come across due to its obvious location.

Follow the mission’s instructions until the final boss is beaten. Wait a few seconds before exiting, and a ringing telephone will appear on the left-hand side of the Pod. Interact with the phone to teleport to a hidden room containing a weapon and a chest.

This room is a nod to a moment in “The Matrix” in which Neo answers the phone in a room that looks similar.

Marshall’s Conundrum

Go along the passageway on the opposite side of the Pod after clearing the Expedition. It should now be possible to open a huge door. Simply walk through to the end of the room, where the chest should be.

The People Can Fly office space is referenced in this room.


Return to the cellar and stand in front of the stairwell that leads back to the surface before concluding the Expedition. A passage covered in a blue, glowing stuff may be found to the left of the stairwell. After the last encounter, the debris blocking this way should be cleared.

Down below, you’ll find a chest and a Feral Pax that looks to be sculpting Grayson Hunt, the protagonist of People Can Fly’s previous FPS game “Bulletstorm.”

The City of Nomads is a city where nomads live.

The secret chest in this location is a little trickier than the others. Nine skulls are scattered throughout the Expedition and must be fired in order to activate a door in the final sector. YouTuber KhrazeGaming posted a video demonstrating how to locate these skulls in order to gain access to the chest.

Keep in mind that this door leads to a challenging boss encounter, so be prepared.


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