How To Fix Controller Support For PC In ‘Tales Of Arise’


How To Fix Controller Support For PC In ‘Tales Of Arise’

Although Bandai’s “Tales of Arise” has finally been launched on all platforms, many PC users have expressed dissatisfaction with the game’s apparent lack of gamepad functionality via Steam. “Tales of Arise” has some strange interactions with the way Steam handles input selection, but there is a workaround.

According to Reddit users, the game’s settings appear to conflict with Steam. The creators of “Tales of Arise” have offered instructions on how to get controllers to function with the game. Follow these procedures to resolve the compatibility issue:

Surprisingly, some players have claimed that their controllers work fine on both laptops and desktop computers. Those who are having trouble getting their controllers to operate with the game might attempt the procedures listed above. If the methods above don’t work, try running the game in Steam’s Big Picture mode, which is designed for using a gamepad with a PC game.

Users in various communities are currently sharing modified.dll files as an unofficial remedy for the controller compatibility issue. Players should proceed with caution when using this method, as the changed file may harm their machines or introduce harmful malware.

Because of its strong gameplay, good story, and interesting cast of characters, “Tales of Arise” has garnered a lot of positive feedback on Steam. The majority of its bad evaluations, on the other hand, were from consumers who had issues with controller compatibility.

It’s unclear whether the developers will release a patch that will automatically enable controller compatibility for PC gamers, eliminating the need for this workaround.


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