How to Defeat the Megarachnoid Boss in ‘The Ascent’ Walkthrough


How to Defeat the Megarachnoid Boss in ‘The Ascent’ Walkthrough

The Megarachnoid is one of the most difficult enemies you’ll face in The Ascent’s early missions.

This robotic boss, which is obstructing your progress towards the finish of the “Empowerment” quest, has a large health bar that you must whittle down, an unending legion of minions that it may produce at will, and a flamethrower attack that can deal considerable damage.

We’ve put up this handy guide with some helpful ideas and tactics to assist you in decommissioning the out-of-control robot.

The Megarachnoid Walkthrough: How to Get Ready With the Right Equipment

If you’re confident that you’re at the right level to take on the Megarachnoid, but you’re still having difficulties beating it, you might want to consider changing your loadout.

The automated spider, like most robots in the game, is sensitive to energy weapons, so make sure you have one updated to an acceptable state before entering the boss arena. We advocate utilizing an explosive secondary armament, such as the RPG23 launcher, which utilizes rounds designed to punch through armored vehicles. Incendiary weaponry, it should go without saying, will be useless in this situation.

Throughout the “Empowerment” quest, you’ll be up against a never-ending barrage of androids who fire laser-based missiles. As a result, you may have given your character energy-resistant armor to help even the odds.

While prudent at the time, this clothing will not protect you from the Megarachnoid. Instead, switch to armor with higher fire-resistance stats to increase your chances of surviving the monster’ devastating flamethrower surge.

Finally, it might behoove you to revisit your augmentations. We discovered that the “Biometric Timestamp,” which is essentially a quick heal ability purchased from a grafter, was quite useful. It’s also a good idea to get the “Javelin Dash” addon so you can avoid any incoming flames. A grafter can sell you this enhancement once more.

The Megarachnoid Walkthrough: Strategies for the Fight Within the Fight Within the Fight Within the Fight Within the Fight Within the Fight Within the Fight

The Megarachnoid has two special talents that you must be aware of.

The first is the aforementioned flamethrower assault, which has a surprisingly wide range of effects. This is a condensed version of the information.


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