How to Become a Zombie and Skull Icon in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’


How to Become a Zombie and Skull Icon in ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

The Sykov full-auto pistol was added to both battle royale and Modern Warfare in Call of Duty: Warzone on Thursday afternoon in a surprise update. The fact that player-controlled zombies have returned to Verdansk is even more fascinating than that slightly bugged weapon unlock. We’ll explain how to transform into a zombie and what the new skull icon in the top-right corner means for your matches in this no-nonsense guide.

In Warzone, here’s how to transform into a zombie.

When you open the new version of Warzone’s minimap, you’ll find that Prison and Shipwreck are surrounded by big red circles. This designates them as containment zones, and they contain a type of radiation that isn’t found anywhere else on the map. To spawn as a zombie, you’ll need the radiation.

Approaching either Prison or Shipwreck, as shown in this screenshot, causes a green haze to appear on your computer, similar to the conventional Verdansk gas cloud that spreads over the course of a match. It continues to monitor player harm as normal, but at a much slower pace than the standard cloud. The rate can be slowed even further with the help of a Gas Mask, just as it always has been.

You must die in this special radiation cloud in order to respawn as a zombie in the game. The only exception to this rule is that you must have at least one other player on your team alive to become a zombie, so there will be no zombie activity in Solos queues.

Zombies dominate in the same way they did during last year’s Haunting of Verdansdk Halloween celebration. They have Charged Jump, Gas Grenade, and EMP Blast at their disposal, and they usually defeat their opponents with a relentless melee scratch attack. They’re still resistant to the Verdansk gas storm, which could be used to your advantage when coordinating with the human members of your squad that are still alive.

So, what is the significance of the skull icon?

You may have noticed that our radiation cloud screenshot features a new skull icon in the right-hand corner of the screen. For those who still haven’t figured it out, that number indicates how many player-controlled zombies. This is a condensed version of the information.


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