Home Bargains has been chastised for their “offensive” Christmas jumper.


Home Bargains has been chastised for their “offensive” Christmas jumper.

Home Bargains has been chastised for selling a “offensive” Christmas jumper.

With the big day just weeks away, many retailers are bulking up on festive products.

A phrase on a ladies sweater, on the other hand, has created a debate after one mother questioned whether she was being unreasonable in finding the jumper offensive.

The sweater in question is decorated with a melted snowman and the statement “I’m having a meltdown.” “According to Edinburgh Live,

She wrote on Mumsnet beside the image of the knitwear: “This caught my eye at the store today, and it didn’t sit well with me. Because I have a neurodiverse [adorable kid], my perspective may be skewed little.” According to autism.org.uk, “A meltdown is an outburst of emotion in response to a stressful event. It occurs when a person is utterly overwhelmed by their current situation and loses control of their actions for a brief period of time.” Some people agreed with her, while others said it was just a “joke.”

One person wrote: “Anyone and everyone can experience a nervous breakdown. Included are snowmen. It appeals to me.” “I don’t see anything wrong with that, to be honest,” another commented, “just a bit of humour.” “I link breakdown with autism but delighted to understand that it’s just me,” the original poster continued. Others, though, swiftly backed up the mother.

One person wrote: “I wouldn’t recommend wearing it unless you’re ND. I have an autism spectrum disorder.” Another was added: “Not only you, but many others in this room are ableist, perhaps unconsciously. It’s a derogatory jumper that makes fun of autistic people.” The topic then devolved into a debate over whether the phrase should be used “‘Meltdown’ was solely associated with autistic persons.

One person inquired: “Is the phrase “having a meltdown” specifically associated with autism? I was completely unaware. I assumed that was a commonly used phrase.” And someone responded with the following explanation: “The problem is that the neurodiverse group now has no language to communicate the biological events that they genuinely experience during a “meltdown” because the language has been taken by the NT community to signify a tantrum.

“What’s more, when an ND person has a “meltdown,” it’s mistaken for a tantrum, and the ND person is labeled as not only.

The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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