Highlights of the 1.0.4 patch for ‘New World’ include a server transfer update, outpost rush, and more.


Highlights of the 1.0.4 patch for ‘New World’ include a server transfer update, outpost rush, and more.

The latest patch for “New World” is now available, and it includes a number of crucial repairs and quality-of-life enhancements that should help the game feel better overall.

The Server Transfer feature was previously deactivated due to unforeseen technical challenges on the part of the developers, but it was reintroduced with the 1.0.4 version. As at the time of publication, “New World” players should be able to transfer to other servers if they meet the required server transfer conditions.

Outpost Rush was also re-enabled immediately after server transfers were completed in all regions. All players who have reached Level 60 should be able to resume their late-game gold farming routines in this game mode.

There are a few that stick out among the many fixes and adjustments included in this version. First, after some optimization tweaks, players should notice a modest boost in the performance of their machines during Wars. Since large-scale PvP engagements tended to tank the framerates of some players regardless of their PC capabilities, this has been a commonly requested improvement.

The Life Staff and its two talents, Blissful Touch and Mending Touch, are another major change. These two skills were “somewhat improved,” according to the patch notes, but the specific improvements were not disclosed. To make matters worse, gamers on the official “New World” forum claim that the patch broke rather than changed the skills.

The patch also solved an issue that led businesses to lose money when they owned many territories at the same time. Companies that lost gold during the previous patch cycle have been reimbursed, so check the company coffers to see if any gold has been recovered.

Finally, the Faction Token cap has been raised for all reputation levels. This allows users to continue earning tokens while working toward the next reputation cap, giving them a little more flexibility in terms of conserving and spending tokens. Per reputation level, the token ceiling has been increased by 50%.

The rest of the patch addresses a variety of issues, including as server crashes, incorrect starmetal and orichalcum ore distribution, arcane protection in the Starstone Barrows, and more.


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