Here’s What’s New in the ‘New World’ 1.0.2 Patch.


Here’s What’s New in the ‘New World’ 1.0.2 Patch.

The most recent update for “New World” has come, bringing with it a slew of modest but substantial changes, including bug fixes and a major shift in the way factions compete for territory.

The 1.0.2 patch for “New World” was aimed to address a number of major flaws in the game as well as rebalance the faction influence mechanic to make colony administration a little easier. While there are no huge content drops in this patch, it is still a positive step forward for the game.

Because of the changes to how influence works, factions should now be able to keep their held regions for longer. Following the patch, attacking factions’ influence garnered over time will now accumulate more slowly than previously. The original influence gain rate was influenced by a glitch that led it to increase quicker than planned, according to the patch notes. This issue has now been resolved.

Attacking factions will now have to put in more effort before causing a conflict in a territory. Defenders, on the other hand, will have to pay greater attention to their region as rival groups’ influence will no longer diminish with time.

If defenders wish to maintain their areas, they’ll have to put in some extra work. For those unfamiliar, territory influence is obtained by completing PvP missions inside an area. If one side tries to exert as much power as possible, the region will be thrown into a state of conflict, which will eventually lead to war.

It will take time to see if this move is beneficial to the game, as it may throw the existing flow of faction conflicts out of whack.

Bug fixes are the only other changes made in the patch. Here are a few noteworthy examples:


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