Here’s how many copies of Hideo Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding’ have been sold so far.


Here’s how many copies of Hideo Kojima’s ‘Death Stranding’ have been sold so far.

“Death Stranding,” by Hideo Kojima, has surpassed the 5 million sales mark, almost three years after its first release on the PS4 and only one year after its debut on the PC.

Jay Boor, the president of publishing at Kojima Productions, told GamesIndustry that the game did “very well.” The studio’s first game, “Death Stranding,” was the first project Kojima worked on after leaving Konami.

The performance of “Death Stranding” bodes well for the future release of the Director’s Cut version, which will include numerous new features like better graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and an extended social strand element, according to Boor. The Director’s Cut of “Death Stranding” also serves as a PlayStation 5 next-gen re-release of the game.

“Death Stranding” is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi action game that emphasizes exploration, travel, and narrative storytelling in an open-world setting. The game is told through the eyes of Sam Bridges, a courier tasked with carrying merchandise to the United States’ remaining cities. As a result, players’ primary concerns are transporting things from one location to another while avoiding hostiles and navigating terrain.

The game has a mystery and horror element to it, with horrific beings known as “beached things” or BTs posing a supernatural menace to Sam and the remaining humanity. It also features a unique multiplayer/social aspect thanks to the strand system, which allows users to connect in a social media-like atmosphere.

From a narrative and gameplay standpoint, the strand system is at the center of “Death Stranding.” It was created to depict the shared experiences of gamers that bring them closer together without directly engaging with each other, according to Kojima in a previous interview. This is represented in the game by allowing players to see and use objects left by other players in the world without having to interact with them directly.

Many gamers and reviews commended the game for its innovative take on the open-world adventure genre, professional-level acting, excellent direction, and thought-provoking topics. Others, on the other hand, thought it was overly convoluted, bloated, uninteresting, and one-dimensional, comparing it to an interactive film rather than a video game.


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