Google: Pixel-Smartphones start into the 5G-era.


The Internet giant Google starts into the 5G age with pixel smartphones. The smartphone is 613 euros below the price of the competition. But Google does without face recognition to unlock the device.

For Google’s pixel smartphones the 5G age has begun. The Internet company announced on Wednesday (local time) in an online event from Mountain View the leap into the fifth mobile phone generation for the new Pixel 5 as well as a new edition of the Pixel 4a. Google is not relying on Qualcomm’s flagship chip for this year’s Pixel 5, but is using the Snapdragon 765G, which has an integrated 5G modem.

In terms of price, Google’s new Pixel 5 at around 613 euros is well below the amounts of 1000 euros or more that Apple, Samsung or Huawei charge for their top models. In order to make the lower price possible, Google is foregoing face recognition to unlock the device. With the Google Pixel 4a, it is possible to enter the 5G era for 486 euros, 146 more than for the 4a model with LTE (4G).

At the event, Google also responded to a frequently voiced customer complaint regarding the comparatively short battery life of previous Pixel models and announced a “super energy-saving mode”. This allows the smartphone to last up to 48 hours. Google uses its internal algorithms to pause apps that are not absolutely necessary. In addition, functions that do not play a role at the moment could be temporarily disabled. The new mode is also supported by older pixel models.

At the event, Google also presented a new chromecast with Google TV. This is a stick that is plugged into a TV and brings Android TV to the TV. The interface is called Google TV. It unites offers from different services such as Netflix, Disney+ or media libraries of channels like ARD and ZDF under one interface. The current Chromecast model is controlled via a classic remote control. YouTube and Netflix are preset with their own button. For the first time, Google is thus directly competing with the popular Fire TV Sticks from Amazon, but also with Apple TV and the Setopbox from Roku.

Google also introduced a new smart loudspeaker “Nest Audio”, which competes with Amazon’s Echo speaker, Apple’s homepads and similar devices.



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