‘Genshin Impact’: Yun Jin’s Potential Abilities Have Been Revealed.


‘Genshin Impact’: Yun Jin’s Potential Abilities Have Been Revealed.

Yun Jin, the main performer of Liyue’s Heyu Teahouse, is one of the two new forthcoming characters for “Genshin Impact,” adding to the game’s increasing number of Geo characters and Polearm users.

Yun Jin has a slower-paced playstyle that focuses on defense, counter-attacks, and shield production, as opposed to Shenhe’s preference for bolstering allies and debuffing adversaries. The powers of this new character were just uploaded in the Honey Impact database, giving players a sneak peek at her kit as of the current “Genshin Impact” beta edition. Whirling Opener is Yun Jin’s Elemental Skill. Yun Jin enters the Cloud-Grazing Form posture by holding the skill button, which produces a Geo barrier around her that blocks all incoming damage while powering up for a huge counter-attack.

Yun Jin will deal massive Geo damage dependent on her DEF stat in an area surrounding her if she blocks enough strikes. A lesser attack can be launched by just tapping the skill button. This skill is quite similar to Beidou’s Tidecaller, but with a more durable shield and no instant counter.

Cliffbreaker’s Banner is Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst, which does AoE Geo damage and offers the Flying Cloud Flag Formation boost to party members.

When a friendly unit’s normal attack hits an enemy, this boost allows them to deal additional Geo damage. The damage is calculated depending on Yun Jin’s DEF and only applies to the first 30 regular attacks once the boost is applied.

There appears to be no cooldown between Geo damage instances, therefore characters like Kazuha, Xiangling, Rosaria, Eula, and Keqing who have multi-hit basic strikes can benefit greatly from this boon.

Yun Jin is most suited to Physical Damage teams because to the consistent application of Geo from normal attacks, which may possibly screw up large elemental combos. Her Elemental Burst, on the other hand, can be quite useful for constantly producing Cryo or Electro shields, and her own Tidecaller-like ability can make her very useful in bouts against hard-hitting opponents.

When “Genshin Impact” Patch 2.4 goes live next year, Yun Jin will be a 4-star character, making her easier to obtain than Shenhe.


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