‘Genshin Impact’ Leaks Reveal Baizhu, Yunjin, and Shinhee’s Release Dates


‘Genshin Impact’ Leaks Reveal Baizhu, Yunjin, and Shinhee’s Release Dates

The enormous “Genshin Impact” Update 2.0 is now online, but a fresh set of leaks reveals release details for new and forthcoming playable characters, including Baizhu, Yunjin, and Shinhee, who are allegedly due to debut in the hit gacha game’s subsequent updates.

The introduction of new characters in practically every update is one of the things that makes “Genshin Impact” enjoyable. After months of rumors and leaks, Ayaka is now a playable character that players can summon using Wishes. Intriguingly, when it comes to new characters, Chinese gaming studio miHoyo has a lot more up its sleeve.

According to industry insiders, Baizhu, Shinhee, and Yunjin will be joining the game very soon. Yunjin will not be available as a playable character in the upcoming patch, according to insider Sukuna. They debated whether the character would make his debut in Update 2.1, the third rerun of Childe or Tartaglia.

They do believe, though, that miHoyo may “air-drop her out of nowhere.” Shinhee’s release date has also been updated, according to the insider. According to them, the character is now being updated or removed entirely from the game.

Meanwhile, Baizhu, one of the most eagerly anticipated characters in the blockbuster gacha game, is not expected to be launched this year, according to reports. Sukuna also mentioned that The Chasm, as well as the speculated Dendro character Baizhu, will be released in the second or third update, which would be released next year. If miHoyo keeps its current release schedule, Baizhu could appear in the February or March 2022 update.

Baizhu is a game NPC who first appeared in Closed Beta Test 3. In “Genshin Impact,” he initially appears in “Archon Quests Chapter 1 Act 2, Guizhong.” According to rumors, he is a five-star Dendro character who plays a significant role in the game’s plot.

He is a talented doctor or pharmacist and the boss of the Bubu Pharmacy, which is located in the northern area of Liyue, according to in-game dialogue. Despite the fact that these insights came from a trustworthy “Genshin Impact” insider with a track record of sharing leaks, fans should keep their expectations in check and treat the material as very speculative.


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