GameStop is asking businesses to participate in the TikTok dance contest for the Black Friday hours.


Black Friday is always a busy time for retailers and their employees, and working hours are hard to come by, but GameStop is trying to head-shake the rush.

The electronics retailer is inviting employees to submit TikTok dance videos in a brand new contest that will reward them with a variety of prizes, including Black Friday working hours.

On the GameStop website, which appears to have been deleted, the retailer asked employees to be “creative” in this latest competition.

“Be creative, involve your team and have fun! Don’t worry, you can’t look as bad as the event team,” was the message for one of GameStop’s latest employee competitions.

Incisiv TikTok Dance Challenge invites employees to participate in #redwinechallenge by submitting their own video to the marketing company Incisiv. For those who do not know: The #redwinechallenge is a dance routine based on UB40’s “Red Red Wine”.

The winning business will win an Echo 8, Echo Auto, a $100 Visa gift card and “10 extra hours of work” to be used during Black Friday week.

GameStop has not responded to Washington Newsday’s request for a comment.

On Tuesday, an alleged GameStop employee posted on the GameStop subsite about the contest. User ImThatGuy5674 posted under the heading “Win a contest to win hours…”.

“If you read this title correctly, you won’t earn hours for being a top performer, or for everything you have to win in competitions to win hours. But what kind of contest could you ask yourself? A Tik-Tok dance contest. It’s not like some of us have a vacation help that they can hire and train in 3 weeks, and prefer not to be on Tik Tok,” wrote ImThatGuy5674.

The user then said that the official Facebook page had deleted the contest entry because they had received negative feedback.

With two brand-new video game consoles – the Xbox X series and the PS5 – coming out this month, Black Friday could be especially busy for GameSpot and its staff this year. Instead of allocating more hours to the stores for this season, the company is asking managers to dance for the extra help.

“Hours have always been a sensitive issue for managers,” a former GameStop employee told Kotaku on Wednesday. “They usually run their stores with strict hourly quotas, which causes managers to overwork themselves or run their stores with limited help”.

This is not the first time that GameStop has been in the news. Earlier this year, the retailer claimed to be an “essential store” to keep its store fronts open during the COVID 19 pandemic.

In a profit call in September, GameStop CFO Jim Bell announced the closure of 100 more stores by the end of the year, bringing the total number of closures worldwide to 400-450 in 2020.


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