Fortnite’ Upstate New York & Heart Lake Location Week 10 Challenge Guide.


The 10 challenges of Fortnite Week 10 are officially live, and two of the more challenging tasks in the set require searching chests in Upstate New York and catching a fish at Heart Lake. Since both challenges are performed in essentially the same location, we’ll show you where the two landmarks are located.

Where are Upstate New York and Heart Lake in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, Upstate New York refers to the large piece of land in front of Stark Industries’ main building that took over the Frenzy Farm when Tony showed up. It is the huge elevated area outside the city.

As for Heart Lake, it is a specific lake within Upstate New York’s landmark. It is the huge lake where Tony Stark’s Lake House and his secret laboratory are located. Given this connection, a stop at Heart Lake is a wise way to begin the quest of week 10.

If you want to know where the chests are located in Upstate New York, you can use the interactive map on Fortnite.GG. Expand the list of “Spawns” and press the chests toggle button at the top. Remember, the chests must be found outside of Stark Industries’ city limits in order to be recognized for the search for seven chests in Upstate New York.

How to catch a fish in Heart Lake

The task of catching a fish in Heart Lake should be pretty simple. First you have to secure a fishing rod. You can find it in a barrel in the small hut near Heart Lake or somewhere else near the water. Outside Heart Lake itself, the Ruins (the Authority) and Sweaty Sands have many alternative places where you can grab a fishing rod.

Pick up the fishing rod, equip it, cast your line with the trigger and release it when you find a good spot. Usually the white, frothing circles are always home to a variety of fish, but you can still catch the animal you need from any part of the lake. After a few tries the simple Battle Pass XP should be yours.

Fortnite week 10 challenges

Searching chests in Upstate New York and catching fish at Heart Lake are just two of the challenges fans will have to overcome to make the most of Week 10. Here’s the complete list of Week 10 challenges for those who haven’t yet examined them at the in-game challenge table:

Upstate New York State Addiction Chests (seven)
Eliminations at Lazy Lake (three)
Collect metal from the Slurpy Swamp
Catching fish at the Herzsee
Elimination of enemies by hitting them with vehicles
Take a boat from the Fortilla to the authority in less than four minutes
Drive 20,000 meters in one vehicle (20,000)

Fortnite is now available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

Did this guide help you find Upstate New York and Heart Lake? Which Week 10 Challenge do you find the most difficult? Tell us in the comments section!


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