Fortnite’ PS5 & Xbox Series X upgrades, How to transfer progress revealed.


Epic Games has announced its next generation upgrades for the over-popular Fortnite.

In Monday’s official Epic Games blog, the developer confirmed that the battle royal game will be available for download for both the Xbox X/S series and the PS5 on the day of release. Also discussed were all the upgrades and optimizations that Fortnite will make when the game is released next week for next generation consoles.


Fortnite will arrive on Xbox Series X/S on November 10. Players will see improvements in the game on day 1, including faster load times, better graphics and much more.

The game will look better on next-generation consoles, with the X Series featuring 4K resolution at 60 FPS and the S Series featuring 1080P resolution at 60 FPS.

Players will experience a more dynamic and interactive world where grass and trees will react to explosions and other objects, including smoke and liquids. There will also be new storm and cloud effects that you will see in the next generation of the upgrade.

Fortnite players will definitely experience significantly improved load times, allowing players to get into games faster than ever before.

Those who enjoy playing Fortnite on split screen can now do so on the Xbox Series X/S at 60 FPS.


As the PlayStation 5 version of the game will be released on November 12th with the PS5 itself, Fortnite players will enjoy the following upgrades on Day 1.

On the PS5, Fortnite will run at 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

Similar to the X/S series, PS5 owners will see more dynamic graphics and physics in addition to the new storm and cloud effects already mentioned.

Use your Dualsense controller to immerse yourself in Fortnite better than ever before. Thanks to the haptic feedback, you’ll feel like holding one of your weapons in your hand. In addition to general vibration support, the Fortnite team has integrated haptic trigger feedback for ranged weapons.

Fortnite supports the activities of PS5, starting with the ability to go directly to the Battle Royale lobby, where you can choose either solo, duos or squads. Once you are in the lobby, you can join the queue for the mode you have selected to get into matches faster.

Speaking of which, the PS5 will greatly reduce loading times so that games can start faster.

Like the Xbox Series X/S iteration, the PS5 version of the Fornite supports split screen at 60 FPS.


Regardless of which platform you first played Fortnite on, players can easily transfer their progress to the Xbox X/S series and PS5.

If you transferred your Xbox profile from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S, simply download the Xbox Series X/S version of the game and you’re ready to get back in the action. On PlayStation 5, simply download Fortnite from PlayStation Store and sign in using your Epic or PlayStation Network account.

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