‘Fortnite’ Generations Cup: Start Time and How to Get a PS5 or Indigo Kunoo Free


On December 18, Fortnite hosts its Generations Cup, with the chance to win a free PlayStation 5 or Indigo Kuno Outfit for excited Sony fans. Below, we clarify everything about the tournament you need to know, including its start time, rules, and what you need to do to score the free PS5.

What is the starting time for the Fortnite Generations Cup?

Depending on the region in which you plan to play, the Fortnite Generations Cup is scheduled to begin on December 18 at various times. Here is the complete start time schedule, translated into Eastern Standard Time.

NA East: It’s 6 p.m. Up to 9 p.m.
NA West: from 9 p.m. From 12 a.m.
Europe: Twelve p.m. Towards 3 p.m.
Brazil: Four p.m. Up to 7 p.m.
Oceania: 2 in the morning. Towards 5 a.m.
Asia: From 4 a.m. Towards 7 a.m.
Middle East: nine o’clock. Up to 12 p.m.

This tournament is limited to players on PS4 or PS5, so unless you enter the Competitive tab from a Sony console, you won’t see it listed.

In the Fortnite Generations Cup, how does scoring work?


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