‘Fortnite’ Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Skins to Tier 100: Mandalorian, Lexa and More


The official arrival of Fortnite Season 5 marks the debut of a brand new Battle Pass. This Battle Pass offers seven unique outfits with many more style options along the way. Want to know what you have to do to get the Mandalorian or Lexa? We’ve got your back.

40 Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Skins

mandalorian [Level 1]: Bounty Hunters from the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Reese [Level 15]: Always looking for new additions to her trophy wall.

Mancake [Beast 29]: Forged on a grid of rage.

Mave [Beast 41]: Fierce defender of the stormy jungle.

Kodor [Beast 60]: A deadly gift to an ancient ruler.

Lexa [Level 72]: Do not be fooled by the smile.

Threat [Beast 83]: The greatest champion in the arena.

The Child – Baby Yoda Pet [Tier 100]: Where I go, he goes.

Mandalorian (Clothing) [Tier 100]: The greatest champion in the arena.

These are just the skins, of course, but if you want to see the full list of rewards in their entirety, watch this video on YouTube courtesy of iFireMonkey.


Mandalorian: Features
Rise of the Devourer: Music
Banner icon (Mandalorian): Flag
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Protector: Spray
Mando: Load screen
The child: Emoticon
Razo Crest: Sailplane
Grav-Fusion: Wrap
Exterminator: loading screen
Dynamo Gravity Suit: Back Bling
100 V-Bucks: Currency
RGR: Emoticon
Hyperflight: Contrails
Reese: Equipment
Booming: Emote
Cancel: Spray
Ne’Jari Warhammer: Harvest tool
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Hunter’s Skyblade: Sailplane
Banner symbol (Reese): Banner
Reese (Nebula Racer): Style
Pancake posse: Wrap
No witnesses: Spray
Stack: Emoticon
Josie: harvesting tool
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Diner Dive: Vapor trails
Mancake: Equipment
Pancake Flyer: Glider
Banner symbol (mancake): Banner
Syrup Slinger: Gesture
Breakfast Bounty: Back Bling
Stacks them up: Load image
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Mancake (cake without name): Type
Beast trap: Harvesting tool
Unity: Spray
Wildheart: wrap up
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Mave: Equipment
Wildheart Buckler: Back Bling
Banner symbol (Mave): Banner
Shape of the eagle: Glider
Harpy’s claw: harvesting tool
Mave (Reactive hair): Style
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Mave (unstoppable) style
Sharktooth Spear: Style
Wildheart Way: Load screen
Mave (reactive tail): Style
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Mave (shield breaker): Style
Soul case: contrails
Spirit of the Warrior: Load Screen
Crimson Wish: Glider
Banner symbol (condor): Banner
100 V-Bucks: Currency
WR41TH: Spraying
Kondor: Equipment
The Pact of the Spirit: Back Bling
Killer Unknown: Emoticon
Oath & Grief: Harvesting tool
Vengeful shadow: Wrap
100 V-Bucks: Currency
desire for revenge: Emote
Star Power Remix: Music
Chibi: Spray
Hyperboard: Sailplane
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Oh no! Emoticon
Target acquired: Vapor trails
Lexa: Equipment
Y-Laboratories: wrapping
Zero claws: Harvesting Tool
Let’s go, Mechafusion! Loading screen
Mechafusion Interface: Back Bling
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Hunter Protocol: Emote
Threat reigns: Load Screen
Shield of the Mighty: Back Blinge
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Threat: Outfit
Banner icon (threat helmet): Banner
Threat (Mask): Style
Victory Laruels: Emoticon
Victors flails: Harvester
Threat (challenger): Style
The roar of the lion: wrap up
Threat (light helmet): Style
Threatening: Spray
Threat (light helmet: feather): Style
100 V-Bucks: Currency
Threat (Undefeated): Style
A warrior prepares himself: Gestures
Threat (heavy helmet): Style
Banner symbol (skull): Banner
This is the way: Emoticon
100 V-Bucks: Currency
The Child: Pet and Mandalorian (clothing): Style

Fortnite is now available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

What do you think of the Chapter 2 Season 5 Battle Pass based on these rewards? Will you be spending those extra V-Bucks this morning? Tell us in the comments section!


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