Forest NPC Sites – Find Lexa, Mandalorians and all 40 characters


Fortune Season 5 is the first with dialogue-oriented NPCs on the Battle Royale map. In this guide, we’ll show the locations of each NPC and list the benefits they potentially offer. Are you looking for a myth, a weapon upgrade or an AI helper? This is what these characters are for. Let’s go straight to the list without further ado.

Please note that some of these characters have multiple spawns. If you go to that location and the character is not there, just reload into another match until they appear. If you need a more detailed map, you can also watch this video on YouTube courtesy of Perfect Score.


2010 Fortnite Season 5 NPC/Character Scenes
Lexa (main building of Hunter’s Haven): Has bounties, the Exotic Storm Scout (1,225 staffs) and a treasure chest map (10 staffs).
Reese (Dirty Docks at the eastern edge): Has the Shadow Scout Exotic (1,225 bars), quests, bounties, weapon upgrades and can be rented.
Threat (Colossal Colosseum): Has quests, bounties, and duels as rewards.
Mancake (Buttershed – south of the pink area between Salty Towers and Colossal Coliseum): Has quests, bounties, the Nighthawk Exotic (1,225 bars) and can be rented.
Mave (Shipwreck Cove – border of the map southeast of Catty Corner beyond the mountains): Has quests, bounties and can be rented.
Condor (Misty Meadows): Has upgrades, bounties, the legendary Dragon’s Breath Shotgun (98 bars) and can be challenged to a duel.
Mandalorian (Razor Crest – crashed ship southeast of the Colossal Coliseum): Has upgrades, bounties, the legendary Dragon’s Breath Shotgun (98 staffs): A boss that drops the jetpack myth of the Mandalorian.
Reaper (Boost Pad – mansion on the coast west of Sweaty Sands): Has quests, bounties and weapon upgrades.
Brutus (Dirty Docks south edge): Has a Tactical Shotgun, quests, bounties, weapon upgrades and duels.
Deadfire (Sheriff’s Office – southeast of the Colosseum): Has quests, bounties and a rare pistol (25 staffs).
Triggerfish (crashed cargo – beach coast just west of Sweaty Sands): Has bounties, quests, a rare SMG (39 staffs) and light ammo.
Bullseye (Steamy Stacks): Has bounties, quests, a legendary assault rifle (245 bars) and can be rented.
Bandolier (Flushed Building – between foggy meadows and muddy swamps): Epic tactical shotgun (98 bars), quests, bounties, ammunition and can be rented.
Longshot (high peak east of Misty Meadows): Features quests, bounties, an epic bolt gun sniper (245 bars), heavy ammo and can be rented.
Splode (Unnoticed Hut – Lighthouse Island northwest of Craggy Cliffs): Features bounties, quests, an exotic bolt gunner (1,225 bars), and a legendary rocket launcher (980 bars)
Blaze (wooden tent – between holly hedges and sweaty sandbanks): Bounties, quests, a firefly jar and duel.
Remedy (Hilltop House northeast of Pleasant Park): Has bandages, quests and can be rented.
Big Chuggus (warehouse in Slurpy Swamp): Has Small Shield Potion, quests, and a duel.
Kyle (campervan east of Weeping Woods): Has wood, quests, and a campfire map.
Cole (mountains north of Retail Row): Has quests and metal.
Ragnarok (Viking ship – west of Holly Hedges): Has quests, bounties, a duel and a treasure chest map.
Bushranger (tree northwest of Salty Towers): Has quests, slurp mushroom and can be rented.
Dummy (near a tree north of Pleasant Park): Has quests, the Dub Exotic Shotgun (1,225 staffs) and a bouncer.
Sparkplug (gas station between Slurpy Swamp and Weeping Woods): Has quests and weapon upgrades
Burnout (on the road leading from the west side into the sweaty sand): Has quests, bounties and a road map.
Turk (the big island in Lazy Lake): Has quests, a professional fishing rod and a small fry.
Outcast (pier in the sweaty sand): Has quests, a small fish and a fishing rod.
Rapskallion (southwestern holly hedges): Has quests and a bounty.
Tracker (retail row): Has a quest, a bounty, and a character card.
Grimbles (Fort Crumpet – southwest of Coral Castle, northwest of Sweaty Sands): Has a quest and a bounty.
Sunflower (The Orchard – border between snow and green, northeast of Colossal Coliseum): Has quests and a bounty.
Farmer Steel (Steel Farm – south of the orchard): Has quests, bounties and a bounty.
Doggo (northeast Pleasant Park): Has quests and a bounty.
Kit (cat corner): Has a bounty, quests, weapon upgrades, and a duel.
Beef Boss (Durr Burger – just west of Weeping Woods): Has quests and weapon upgrades.
Tomato Head (Pizza Pit – northeast of Colossal Coliseum, just below the orchard): Has a bounty, quests, and weapon upgrades.
Bunker Jonesy (Camp Cod – large island in the southeast corner of the map): Has a quest, a Bigfoot map and “What do you think?
Bigfoot (on the border between the western side of Weeping Woods and holly hedges): Has a zero point fish.
Ruckus (Hydro 16 – just southeast of Slurpy Swamp): Boss with an epic and a legendary weapon.
Fishstick (Coral Castle): Has quests, a weapon upgrade and can be rented.

This is all you need to know about the talking character NPCs in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|X, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Android.

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