Fire Staff Guide And Best Builds in ‘New World’


Fire Staff Guide And Best Builds in ‘New World’

So far in “New World,” the Fire Staff is the only pure DPS-oriented magic weapon. Almost all of the Fire Staff’s talents are designed to do continuous damage to many targets, making it an excellent choice for Intelligence-focused Expeditions and large-scale PvP builds.

This weapon class can be difficult to learn at first, especially if you don’t have access to mana potions or other mana recovery methods. Because fire staves demand a lot of mana to use, players typically have to design around this limitation.

The weapon class, on the other hand, compensates for its mana-hungry nature by giving powerful AoE damage skills that deal consistent damage to swarms of foes. Here’s a guide to using the Fire Staff, as well as several PvE and PvP builds.

Staffing Suggestions

Players will want to use the Fire Staff as much as possible against groupings of foes. Because of the way its abilities are tuned, this weapon class isn’t great at providing single-target DPS, and mana efficiency becomes even more of a concern while facing lone foes.

Light armor is recommended for Fire Staff users because it increases their damage by 20% while also improving their dodge ability. To maximize ability damage, it’s also a good idea to invest points in Intelligence.

Keep your distance from adversaries to avoid having your channeled abilities canceled. When performing Expeditions, remember to use Carnelian gems to keep monsters focused on the group’s frontline soldiers.

The Fire Department’s Staff is Growing

In Expeditions, here’s a good build for doing AoE damage:

Pillar of Fire, when completely augmented, can help with mana recovery while still dealing good AoE damage. Meteor Shower will be the major damaging skill for this build, while Incinerate will be used as a self-peel ability to knock down adversaries that get too near, allowing players to flee and lose aggro.

Consider the following for PvP:

This build focuses on dealing decent burst damage while applying Burn to foes. Burnout is utilized to get away from diving foes, while the other passives improve burn duration and resilience.


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