Exclusive Look of Emperor Demon Dragon Java and Gromaides Boss Fights in ‘Contra Returns’


Exclusive Look of Emperor Demon Dragon Java and Gromaides Boss Fights in ‘Contra Returns’

This website has released two new Contra Returns gameplay trailers, which include two of the game’s most fearsome bosses.

What Is ‘Contra Returns’ and How Does It Work?

Contra Returns is a mobile spin-off from the mainline Contra series that is available today on Android and iOS devices, developed by TiMi Studios (the studio behind the popular Pokemon Unite MOBA).

This new title is a side-scrolling shooter in which you face endless waves of alien invaders, similar to previous editions in the iconic bullet-hell franchise. You’ll have to dodge oncoming missiles, jump over obstacles, and fire a torrent of ammunition (from your seemingly limitless supply) at every last adversary that crosses your way, as is customary for the genre.

As with the previous installments, it’s best to perform everything in co-op with a friend, as this will make things a lot easier. The arcade joystick controls have been replaced with mobile touchscreen inputs, which is the only alteration in terms of mechanics.

Aside than that, this is a dead-on reproduction of the classic run-and-gun game. Even the original soundtrack has been remastered.

There are a few nice additions as well, since the game includes over 200 levels from spanning the series’ canon, all of which have been given HD makeovers and are populated with 3D character models. There are also additional weaponry for veteran gamers to check out, as well as a couple fresh new game modes.

There’s an eight-level co-op gauntlet called “Underwater 8,” a “Ultimate Tournament” in which players compete to see who can score the most points, and a variety of ranked PVP modes.

Exclusive ‘Contra Returns’ Gameplay Trailers

This website is the exclusive home of two new Contra Returns trailers. The first can be found at the very top of this article, and the second can be found right here.

The films show boss bouts against Gromaides and Emperor Demon Dragon Java, two returning Contra foes. With his corrosive projectiles, energy blasts, and serpentine arms that will try to devour you whole, the latter appears to be an exceptionally terrifying foe (which is apt, given that he is the main enemy from the original arcade cabinet).

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