Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Virtuous Cycle’ DLC in ‘Mortal Shell’


Everything You Need to Know About ‘The Virtuous Cycle’ DLC in ‘Mortal Shell’

The first DLC for Cold Symmetry’s harsh souls-like “Mortal Shell” is coming shortly, with some intriguing new material that will greatly expand the game’s initial experience.

The “Virtuous Cycle” is expected to introduce three major improvements to “Mortal Shell,” including a new weapon, a new shell, and various roguelike elements to the player’s bleak journey across Fallgrim’s dreary landscape. After a period of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store, this DLC marks the game’s return on Steam.

Gamer reviews for “Mortal Shell” were overwhelmingly good, especially among “Dark Souls” aficionados, who are notoriously difficult to please. The game included traditional lethal stamina-based fighting with enough new mechanics to carve out a niche for itself in the genre. “Virtuous Cycle” aspires to build on this solid basis by enhancing taste, depth, and replayability.

By introducing roguelike aspects like as randomized opponent spawning and unique power-ups, “Virtuous Cycle” will drastically transform how “Mortal Shell” is played.

Pillars can be found throughout the game that give strong upgrades such as exotic weapon modifications and new battle styles. Meanwhile, each death will cause opponent locations to move, making each run unpredictable and hazardous.

Players will have access to the Axatana, a combo weapon similar to “Bloodborne’s” trick weapons, to help them with this new task. The Axatana can be used as a two-handed bearded ax or as twin katanas that can slash opponents at breakneck speed. The movesets and statistical metrics for each weapon configuration are unique.

Hadern, a new shell, will also be added to the game. In “Mortal Shell,” this is the same character who serves as the tutorial boss and guardian of each new weapon. Hadern is a playable character class with a unique dagger mastery tree and several additional options to help players absorb damage.

More lore and story elements are being added to “Mortal Shell,” further fleshing out the world of Fallgrim and offering light on the horrific events that led to the land’s current state.

On August 18, “The Virtuous Cycle” will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.


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