Event Guide And Overview For The ‘Destiny 2’ Festival Of The Lost 2021.


Event Guide And Overview For The ‘Destiny 2’ Festival Of The Lost 2021.

The yearly Halloween event for “Destiny 2” has begun, and players may now receive a variety of new in-game goodies including as weapons, armor, and cosmetics.

The Festival of the Lost is an annual in-game event that honors all people who have died during the course of “Destiny’s” long series of events. Despite its focus on recollection, the holiday also incorporates the traditional Halloween motif, complete with ghosts, pumpkins, cobwebs, and other customary decorations.

The festival this year brought a new activity for gamers to enjoy as well as a new set of rewards to grind for. Here’s a rundown of what’s new, as well as a fast method to getting these rewards.

What’s new in the 2021 Festival of the Lost?

This event’s highlighted ornaments are unique dinosaur-themed armor sets. Each of the three classes will have their own dinosaur armor, which can be purchased for a large sum of Silver in the Eververse market.

The new Jurassic Green legendary pulse gun, which is a rehash of the classic Lincoln Green rifle from the EDZ, goes along with the dinosaur theme. This unique weapon has different bonuses than the conventional form, and it may be obtained from Eva Levante at the Tower or in the Haunted Lost Sectors.

The new Haunted Lost Sectors, which are redesigned variants of the regular Lost Sectors located on each planet, are the big attraction this year. Players will receive more event loot in these areas than usual, making them the best sites to farm Candy and Spectral Pages.

New masks, emotes, a profile banner, and the Horror Story and Braytech Werewolf weaponry have all been added.

Guide to the Haunted Lost Sector

Players should be able to breeze through these sections quite quickly. Haunted Lost Sectors can be accessed as matchmade activities with a group of friends or strangers from a node on the Tower.

To finish this task, players must summon Headless Ones and eventually defeat an area boss. When the boss and minibosses are defeated, Candy is dropped, and the final chest contains a large amount of loot. Stand on the summoning circles until the timer runs out to spawn Headless Ones, then kill the area boss to complete the activity.

Haunted Lost Sectors are also fantastic for producing Jurassic Greens that are nicely rolled.


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