Elemental Well DPS Titan Build For PvE in ‘Destiny 2’


Elemental Well DPS Titan Build For PvE in ‘Destiny 2’

Despite being based on the classic RPG tank archetype, “Destiny 2’s” Titans may be customized to do insane levels of damage thanks to a variety of exclusive armor mods, class abilities, and exotic gear. Titans can totally smash all types of PvE content, even the most challenging ones, with the correct combination of these three.

Titans can be built in a variety of ways to maximize damage output. For consistency against bosses, many “Destiny 2” players use Charged with Light builds, while others use whatever seasonal mods are available. This setup will make use of Well mods to constantly recover grenade energy, allowing players to spam grenades as much as possible.

Players in “Destiny 2” will require the following items, in addition to the middle-tree Sunbreaker for throwing hammers, for this build:


Exotics are a type of exotic animal (optional)

Melee Wellmaker, Explosive Wellmaker, and Elemental Ordnance will generate solar wells from grenade and throwing hammer kills. For each solar well picked up, Well of Ordnance will recover grenade energy.

Once picked up, a single solar well can recover a significant amount of grenade energy, which can be increased by stacking numerous copies of Well of Ordnance on armor components. Innervation or Grenade Kickstart can be combined with 100 Discipline to reduce grenade cooldowns even further.

Exotics such as those mentioned above are optional but highly encouraged. Path of Burning Steps can significantly increase weapon damage after each kill, and it works well with an Energy weapon that has Rampage. Meanwhile, Hallowfire Heart can further increase grenade cooldowns, lowering the time between throws.

For opponents like the Fallen and the Taken who move unpredictably, Ashen Wake is a suitable choice.

Sunshot is an excellent weapon for this setup since the explosions it causes per kill can trigger Explosive Wellmaker, allowing you to make even more wells. Elemental Armaments can be specced for even more well production. Alternatively, any grenade launcher can functionally fill Sunshot’s slot, as grenades and hammers will account for the majority of the damage in this configuration.

Keep in mind that elemental wells will only refresh the lowest-energy ability. If you don’t get Throwing Hammers before going for the elemental wells, the wells will be used to recharge the hammer instead of grenades. The Monte Carlo is a good weapon choice for players who frequently lose or misplace their hammers.


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