EA officially stops work on Anthem and the rework


The shooter Anthem has been struggling with problems since its release. There has been speculation for quite some time about whether further development could be discontinued. Now it’s official that EA and BioWare will no longer work on Anthem Next or updates in general.

This is what Bioware says: In an emotional blog post, Christian Dailey shared that work on Anthem and the Anthem 2.0 or Next revision will be discontinued.

Although it was worked hard on the game since the release, as Dailey emphasized. However, 2020 is said to have been a difficult year due to Corona and productivity was generally lower:

2020 has been a year like no other, and while we at Bioware continue to make progress on all of our game projects, working from home during the pandemic has impacted our productivity, and not everything we had planned as a studio prior to COVID-19 can be accomplished that way without undue stress on our teams.

As a result, the decision has now been made to stop work and focus on upcoming Mass Effect and Dragon Age titles, as well as bringing new updates to the MMORPG SWTOR.

He concluded by thanking the Anthem community:

To the Anthem community, thank you for your passion and creativity. Your feedback and suggestions certainly help shape the direction of the team, and on a personal note, your kindness and encouragement have been much needed over the past year.

What’s next for Anthem? Anthem is not to be discontinued for the time being. The game will continue to run at its current level. However, there will be no updates.

It is unclear how long the servers will ultimately remain online.

Anthem will be discontinued after a long ordeal

This is how the development of Anthem went: Anthem was released in February 2019. It quickly became clear that while the basic gameplay of Anthem was convincing, the game systems were not. Above all, the issue of Loot was criticized.

Anthem was supposed to run for 10 years, but shortly after the release, important updates failed to appear. Just under a year after release, it was then said that a major rework was to come: Anthem 2.0.

From March to November 2020, blog posts and Twitter messages about the status of Anthem Next came sporadically.

In February 2021, journalist Jason Schreier reported that EA would decide internally whether Anthem would be continued or discontinued.


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