EA Details ‘Madden 21’ Franchise Mode Updates and points out the next improvements.


EA Sports is finally ready to update its player base on the Madden 21 franchise mode.

The update was originally announced in September, without details. Now that it’s almost ready, the developers at EA Sports are finally ready to share some details with the players. And what’s even better: They have also confirmed that a second update is planned for mid-January.

“With this [November] release, we are delivering the first of three Madden NFL 21 franchise updates. For the post-launch Madden NFL 21 releases, we’ve been working with members of the franchise community to develop a series of updates that focus on improving usability for core mode users as well as a number of tuning upgrades,” said a recent developer note from EA Sports to Washington Newsday.

“We are announcing the first group of updates and previewing the second group, which comes later in the cycle and is scheduled to arrive in mid-January. As always, please provide feedback on these changes via Madden Voice, which will open 48 hours after the update is released.

The following changes will be made in the first Madden 21 franchise mode update. Read the full developer note below to learn more.

Tuning the Dev-Trait Regression

Star, Superstar and Superstar X factors now have the desired number, which is treated as the “correct” number of each dev property in your franchise (a new league setting has been added for each dev property to allow commissioners to set the correct number for your league experience, and the default values correspond to the number of dev properties released in the Madden 21 preseason rankings). In the off-season, a new logic is used to decide which players are eligible for a regression. If there are more players in a particular dev trait than is desirable according to the setting, the eligible players will be regressed in order of priority until the goal is reached (in some cases there may be slightly more than the goal after the regression if no players were found eligible). If you prefer to play in a league where dev traits cannot be regressed, you can also turn off dev trait regression in the league settings.

We have also adjusted the criteria for a breakout dev scenario for all positions to prevent an excess of high dev traits after several years (and make sure we increase the dev on players who really deserve it).

There will also be three new QB breakout dev scenarios that can occur throughout the season, and a league setting that can be used to turn all breakout dev trait scenarios on and off. When the breakout scenarios are turned OFF, users will only continue to develop their development skills until the rankings and awards at the end of the season.

Playoff table

Starting in week 13 of the regular season, there is a “Things to do” item that takes you to the current playoff photo if the season ended that week, including the seed list for each team that would play in the playoffs. Once the wildcard week begins, the playoff leaderboard will also show you the results of all games played, as well as the box score, which you can access by clicking on the game up. There will also be a way to access this table via the “Schedule” button, with a new tile called “Playoff Image”.

Player Card Career Statistics

The weekly match day and the result of the match were added to the season statistics via the player card of each player. We also added which team a player ended his season with in each year of his career statistics via his player card.

X-factor adjustment

Added features from the player mode that allow players to change the Superstar and Superstar X-factor abilities of their players within the core franchise both as a trainer and as an owner. Commissioners will be able to edit players’ abilities that are controlled by other players and also by the CPU. Skills will continue to follow slot and OVR requirements per archetype, so a player must reach the OVR threshold for a skill in the specified archetype before they can use it. All these functions are performed by clicking on one of the abilities directly on the player’s card.

Retirement Improvements

In the week in which players are signed up again, there is now a menu


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