Drivers are advised not to leave their phones in the car.


Drivers are advised not to leave their phones in the car.

The dangers of leaving eight typical objects in one’s automobile have been issued to British drivers.

As the autumn weather approaches,’s motoring experts have identified eight items that should always be removed from cars and vans for health and safety reasons.

Most drivers will remove their possessions from their vehicles after each trip to avoid break-ins and theft, but even low-cost items like sun cream and water bottles should be removed because severe temperatures can diminish their effectiveness.

After a four-vehicle crash, a man is fighting for his life.

Studies have linked chemicals contained in plastic water bottles with health concerns including cancer and heart disease, and keeping them out in the sun could enable these chemicals to seep into the water, despite the fact that the data is still inconclusive.

Most medicines should be kept at room temperature, but in the summer and winter, parked cars rarely do. Heat, cold, and moisture in your automobile are unlikely to harm your medications directly, but they may make them less effective.

Sun scream’s active components, ironically, degrade under extreme heat. While this is rare in the cold, leaving it in the car on a hot day may limit its effectiveness. Furthermore, the heat may lead it to explode.

Despite the fact that the data is currently inconclusive, studies have connected chemicals found in plastic water bottles (BPA and phthalates) to health problems such as cancer and heart disease. Allowing a bottle to heat up in the sun could result in these chemicals leaching into the water. Furthermore, if the bottle has been left out for a long time, it may develop hazardous bacteria.

Deodorant cans, hairspray cans, and spray paint can all expand in severe temperatures, resulting in a full-fledged explosion if left out in the heat or cold for too long.

Vehicle registration paperwork must be stored in cars, however keeping other critical papers in your car, such as tax forms or bank records, exposes you to identity theft. Thieves can assume your identity and make transactions in your name if they have enough information about you.

“Summary concludes.” Never leave canned or tinned food in the car while it is freezing.


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