Dragonspine, Monster-Catching Mechanic, Albedo Rerun, and Other ‘Genshin Impact’ Leaks


Dragonspine, Monster-Catching Mechanic, Albedo Rerun, and Other ‘Genshin Impact’ Leaks

MiHoYo, a Chinese gaming studio, released “Genshin Impact” version 2.2 on Wednesday, along with some details regarding the forthcoming update. This didn’t stop some industry insiders from releasing some information, including the return of the frigid Dragonspine region, a new animal capture system, and the talents, powers, and kits of two rumored upcoming playable characters, Itto and Gorou.

The final Inazuma island was released in the most recent update of the popular gacha game, and while it is unclear whether miHoyo will release a new major map update very soon, a leak indicates that Dragonspine will return in “Genshin Impact” 2.3.

According to speculations, the next update will include a re-run of the Albedo character banner. According to industry insider Tangzhu, the Geo swordsman could return and lead players back to the icy and snowy mountains of Dragonspine.

In the forthcoming edition of the game, Albedo may also receive new story content.

“There will be Albedo events, and excellent stuff will be given away,” the insider said, implying that miHoyo could host a new Albedo-themed event.

This information concerning the Albedo rerun seems to be backed up by another trustworthy industry insider. MiHoYo could include a free sword for the Geo swordsman in “Genshin Impact” 2.3, according to an insider who goes by the handle Zluet.

Players last saw the character at a Dragonspine event, and many are hoping for a repeat performance when he returns to the game next month. Aside from the anticipated return of Dragonspine, the game is also said to offer a new monster-catching mechanic.

It’s unclear how the mechanic works, but once the update is released, players may be able to catch creatures everywhere throughout the game’s huge world. The objective of this alleged monster-catching function was not revealed in the leak, although it is most likely related to a new in-game event.

The official release date for “Genshin Impact” 2.3 is set for November 23. According to leaks and official announcements from miHoYo, the gaming company intends to fully implement the geo element meta in the game with the upcoming release.


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