Director of ‘District 9,’ ‘Elysium,’ Working On New AAA Multiplayer Shooter


Director of ‘District 9,’ ‘Elysium,’ Working On New AAA Multiplayer Shooter

Gunzilla Games, a German game developer, has announced the appointment of Neill Blomkamp as the company’s chief visionary officer to assist in the development of its debut game.

Blomkamp will serve as a director for Gunzilla Games, guiding teams toward the best courses of action in terms of design, audio, and storytelling that are consistent with the company’s overarching vision for its games.

He told IGN that his goal was to bring his directorial abilities to steer the aesthetics of a game, and that his function was a “egalitarian equivalent of being a film director.”

Blomkamp is best known for directing “District 9,” a science fiction action picture about stranded aliens forced to live in deplorable conditions in an Earth slum. Due to its top-tier worldbuilding, emotionally-wrenching plot, and magnificent graphics, the picture was hailed as one of the best sci-fi films of its period by both spectators and critics.

“Elysium” and “Chappie” are two other Blomkamp films. Blomkamp also has a number of short films available on Steam and YouTube through Oats Studios, a film production company he co-founded in 2017.

Despite his leadership role in a game production studio, Blomkamp admitted that he lacks experience in the field of video games. He informed IGN that he will collaborate closely with other senior creative employees to ensure that his vision is adequately translated into the games they want to build.

“I can bring a really strong point of view to the table, but it has to function on two levels. It must be approved by the rest of the team as the best creative path to take. And, first and foremost, it has to be something that can integrate into the game’s architecture in a way that benefits the game,” Blomkamp said.

The Unreal Engine is being used by Gunzilla Games to create a multiplayer shooter. So yet, little is known about the type of multiplayer game that will be based on its IP.

The gaming community on Reddit expressed interest in seeing Blomkamp work on narrative-driven games rather than multiplayer shooters, but given his long-term commitment to Gunzilla, it’s feasible that such a game may be made in the future with the filmmaker at the lead.


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