digital platforms: Network Agency wants new European regulatory framework…


“Abuse of market power should be prevented. Therefore, the Federal Network Agency is calling for a new European regulatory framework for digital platforms such as Amazon, eBay and Co.

The Federal Network Agency wants a new European regulatory framework for digital platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Check24. “Abuse of market power should be prevented. Once the damage has been done, it’s too late,” said Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency, describing the main objective in Bonn on Tuesday.

He reported that in the current investigation by the regulatory authority into the importance of digital platforms for commercial customers in Germany, small and medium-sized companies in particular had complained about competitive disadvantages caused by platform operators. The difficulties ranged from complaint management to dealing with customer and product evaluations, commissions and fees, and the dual role of platform operators as operators and at the same time providers of products.

“We therefore encourage the strengthening of the position of commercial customers through a new regulatory approach to digital platforms,” Homann said. Problematic behavior should be prevented even before the damage occurs. This is possible with a combination of directly applicable rules of conduct such as a ban on discrimination, more extensive individual remedial measures and permanent monitoring. “Especially for smaller companies, timely remedial measures are existential,” the authority emphasized.

The Federal Network Agency is currently giving commercial customers the opportunity to report on their experiences with digital platforms in Germany. Since March, more than 200 companies have done so, the authority reported.



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