Destiny 2″ live event confirmed, as the new Beyond Light ARG confuses the fans


Destiny 2 enthusiasts were making waves regarding the possibility of a live event sometime on Thursday afternoon, and although this surprise didn’t come as a surprise, there is plenty of reason for the Guardians to be excited in the days leading up to the release of the Beyond Light expansion.

The news began to spread at 5pm EST on Thursday, when some users received a promotional email alerting them to the final days of the “Season of Arrivals”. “Guardians, you have less than a week to finish your ranks and claim the rewards of the arrival season,” the message said. “Make sure you reach the Season of Arrivals finals and watch the conclusion before Beyond Light is released.

This mention of a so-called season finale prompted Bungie director Luke Smith to speak on Twitter on this topic. “We’re having a small event to close the Season of Arrivals,” Smith confirmed. “We wanted it to be a surprise, but an email mentioned it by mistake! It’s nothing too crazy, just a little time to chill out in the tower before the lights go out”.

With this in mind, we still don’t know exactly when the “live event” will take place as the fans expect it to. There’s room for curiosities when Xur arrives at around 12 noon EST on Friday, and an even greater chance for a climactic event sometime closer to Monday.

Until the event begins properly, fans’ eyes will be drawn to a recently launched ARG that may or may not have an impact in the near future. As it looks now, people can go to this analysis website and enter “CHOOSE” as their password after redeeming a special code that can be found on the back of the Europe postcard that comes with the Beyond Light collector’s edition. Enter the correct data and you will receive a small gif with a colored square. The Raid Secrets community is currently working hard to uncover the meaning behind these squares, but so far the search seems to be coming to a dead end.

ok, so what I’m hearing is that all the data for the ARG was somehow wrong (possible error at Bungie’s end? unclear), and now there’s a “V2” where people have to re-submit ð

– Paul Tassi (@PaulTassi) November 6, 2020

The issue has become more complex in recent hours as Forbes Destiny expert Paul Tassi has suggested on Twitter that some of the data collected may need to be entered at a different time. “What I’m hearing is that all the data for the ARG was somehow wrong (possible error at Bungie’s end? unclear), and now there’s a ‘V2’ where people have to re-submit,” Tassi posted in the early evening hours. Since then, most of the progress or intrigues in the ARG seem to have faded away. The supposed second version of the puzzle may already have been started, but since the ARG must be so mysterious, not much more has been said or discovered. With only a few days left until the start of Beyond Light, we can imagine that Bungie will be on site to provide additional clues in case the sniffer dogs seem to have gotten stuck.

This is not the first time that fans of Destiny 2 have been distracted by a series of mysterious, unexplained events. In particular, this process of code entry is similar to the “Corridors of Time” puzzle that first appeared in the game in January. And who could forget the wrath of Niobe Labs that took place just before that? Although Bungie has always offered interesting puzzles for players to solve in the past, these often involve a certain amount of confusing or unintended baggage.

Destiny 2 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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