Destiny 2′ Beyond Light Release Time: When is the PS4, Xbox DLC out?


Destiny 2 Beyond Light is only a few hours away from its release, which means that Guardians may be wondering when exactly the eagerly awaited expansion will be released. Below is all the important advance information you need to know before you start your journey on Europa.

When will Destiny 2 Beyond Light be released?

Basically, Destiny 2 Beyond Light will be live on all platforms until November 10th at 12 noon EST. However, as usual, Bungie has drawn up a more detailed maintenance plan that fans might want to take note of.

November 9th at 21:50 EST: The registrations will be deactivated.
November 9 at 22:00 EST: registrations will be deactivated: Destiny 2 will be taken completely offline for system maintenance.
10 November at 12:00 EST: logins are deactivated: The update for Destiny 2 is introduced on all platforms.
What about the pre-installations?

Given the rather long server downtime, Bungie is kind enough to give users the opportunity to preload the Beyond Light content prior to release. Here is what you should know about pre-releases on all platforms.

PS4: The preload will start on November 8th at 23:00 EST. Start the preload by pressing Options > Check for Updates on the Destiny 2 icon on your home screen. (171.68 GB required)
Xbox One, Row X|S: Preloading should start shortly after 10pm EST November 9th, as long as automatic updates are enabled. (65.7 GB required)
PC: The PC version should also start preloading at 22:00 EST November 9th, as long as your client is started at that time and has automatic updates enabled. (188.2 GB required)
Destiny 2 Beyond Light editions

Now that you know when Destiny 2 Beyond Light is expected to be available for download and preload, let’s review the editions that Guardians can purchase to get the latest seasonal content immediately.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Standard: $39.99 [PS4] [Xbox] [PC]: Provides access to the new campaign, Destination Europe and the upcoming raid. Pre-orders also include the Rimed Ghost Shell and a legendary emblem.
Destiny 2 Beyond Light + Season: $49.99 [PS4] [PS4] [Xbox] [PC]: Offers access to the new campaign, Destination Europe and the upcoming raid: Includes all standard content plus a season pass for Season 12, which means you can participate in exclusive activities such as hunts, seasonal missions and more. Pre-orders also include the Rimed Ghost Shell, the Freeze Tag emote and a legendary emblem.
Destiny 2 Beyond Light Deluxe Edition: $69.99 [PS4] [Xbox] [PC] Includes all the content plus the next four season passes. The Freeze Tag emote, The Stranger’s Exotic Sparrow and No Time to Explain the Ornament are also included. Pre-orders include the Rimed Ghost Shell, the Freeze-Tag-Emote and a legendary emblem.
What you can expect from Destiny 2 Beyond Light

For Guardians who may not be up to date, here’s a brief summary of what fans can expect when Beyond Light launches on November 10th.

A new campaign and destination: travel to Europe to discover the secrets of darkness in a series of new scripted missions.
Stasis: A new dark subclass will be unlocked. Play as Titan Behemoth, Warlock Shadebinder or Hunter Revenant. Stasis powers are ice-inspired.
Salvation’s Grip Exotic: The quest is unlocked, presumably as part of the new campaign.
Activity New Empire Hunts
New strike on the glass road
New Cosmodrome Experience: New Guardians can start their game in a completely renewed tutorial inspired by the original destiny.
New Update: The update will contain a variety of changes, including sandbox optimizations, gambit rotations and more. We will describe these changes in more detail when the full patch notes arrive.

These are the most important changes you can expect on the first day, but there are of course many more that will be added during the rest of Season 12. Learn all about them in the roadmap above.

Destiny 2 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

Buy Destiny 2 Beyond Light on your first day? What are you looking forward to most with the year 3 expansion? Tell us in the comments section!


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