Date and time of publication of ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’: When you can download the latest version of Ubisoft.


Watch Dogs: Legion is nearing release and Ubisoft’s third offering in the Hacker Revolt franchise will bring players to the UK.

Unlike previous Watch Dogs titles, players will be able to play with virtually any character they find in the game. The point of the new title is to build a resistance from virtually everyone you see when you hack, infiltrate and fight to recapture a future London that is on the brink of collapse.

Of course, this week players will be able to enjoy Watch Dogs: Legion on current generation consoles, but they can also look forward to PS5 and Xbox Series X versions in early November.

When will Watch Dogs: Legion be available for download?

Watch Dogs: Legion will be released for PS4, Xbox One X, Google Stadia and PC on Thursday 29 October.

The official listing on PlayStation Store has a countdown timer that ends at around 12 noon EDT. The Microsoft Store listing also states that the upcoming Ubisoft game will be released at 12 noon EDT.

Watch Dogs: Legion pre-order bonuses and next generation upgrade options

There are three different issues of Watch Dogs: Legion for fans to pre-order.

In the standard edition, players receive the complete game, but also the Golden King package with mask, car skin and two weapon skins. This version will cost the usual $59.99.

With the Gold Edition, players will receive the basic game as well as access to the Season Pass with content to be released after the launch. The Season Pass includes a major expansion with two episodes, additional missions, four iconic heroes with unique abilities and instant access to the original Watch Dogs Complete Edition. This version will cost $99.99.

And finally, we have the Ultimate Edition, which includes the basic game, the Season Pass and the Ultimate Pack. The Ultimate Pack includes the Urban Jungle Pack with three unique characters with their own skills and cosmetics, a bundle of three masks and a premium booster pack.

If you want to play Watch Dogs: Legion on next-gen consoles, PlayStation owners can upgrade their PS4 version to the digital version on PS5 at no additional cost. This upgraded version will enhance the title with raytracing, ultra-high-speed SSD with faster load times, and adaptive triggers that allow “hand-set reactions”.

Xbox owners can get the Xbox Series X/S version via Microsoft’s smart deployment feature. Players get hardware accelerated raytracing, reduced load times, and real-time raytracing reflections.

Next-generation upgrades will be eliminated when the consoles do so. The Xbox Series X version will be released on November 10 and the PS5 version on November 12.

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