Dad is in tears after receiving Adidas trainers with a dead dog’s face on them from his son.


Dad is in tears after receiving Adidas trainers with a dead dog’s face on them from his son.

After his son gave him a bespoke pair of trainers for his 50th birthday, an overjoyed father burst into tears.

Just months after his beloved Staffy, Chelsea, died, Karl Chester, 30, sent his father – also named Karl – a heartfelt gift.

Karl Snr sobbed uncontrollably when he received the personalized trainers, which Karl had spent 15 hours painstakingly painting by hand.

“It was odd seeing him weep, he’s never really sobbed in front of me more than a handful of times,” Karl Jnr said of the woman who was taken to A&E with chest symptoms and made to stand outside in the rain.

“I only recall him crying when his father died and when Chelsea died.” It was lovely to see him unwind in my presence. I’m more thankful that he was at ease.” Despite Karl Snr’s misgivings, the Warrington family purchased Chelsea 14 years ago.

But he fell in love with her the moment he saw her, and she became a member of the family.

Karl Jr. claims that his father was completely enamored with the dog, and that her death earlier this year impacted him like a ton of bricks.

Karl Jnr, who makes bespoke trainers for a career, decided to personalize a pair of white leather Adidas shoes for his father’s birthday.

The renowned stripes are painted blue with two yellow stripes in between, a reference to his favorite sports teams, Warrington Wolves and Leeds United, as well as an image of Chelsea.

“That dog meant the world to him; he loved that dog more than anything,” he continued.

“He treated her as though she were a princess.”

“I begged him for years to get a dog, but he refused.”

“Eventually, he gave in, and we traveled four or five hours to fetch her, and he was smitten as soon as we walked into the house.”

“It wasn’t even the proper puppy; we arrived and the one we wanted had already left, but we arrived and he fell in love.”

Karl Jnr stretched out the task over a few days.

On October 11, when the trainers were brought to him, Karl Snr sobbed and held his son. Karl. “The summary has come to an end.”


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