Covid levels are now highest in the following areas in Liverpool.


Covid levels are now highest in the following areas in Liverpool.

As the number of cases rises across the country, the government is being pressured to implement more Covid-19 measures.

For the first time since July 17, the UK recorded more than 50,000 new cases of the virus yesterday.

On Thursday, the UK recorded 52,009 new Covid cases, with 115 deaths occurring within 28 days of a positive test.

The closure of one of Merseyside’s oldest schools

Liverpool, which has frequently topped the tables for covid cases in the past, is not currently as seriously afflicted as other regions of the UK – however infection rates remain high.

The latest infection rate in the city is 285.7 infections per 100,000 persons. For several weeks, it has held stubbornly at this level, occasionally rising or declining little.

The current rate is based on data collected in the seven days leading up to October 18, when 1,423 confirmed cases were recorded. In comparison to the previous week, there has been a minor drop of 123 instances.

When you look at the data more closely, you can see that the instances are fairly evenly distributed over Liverpool, but that some locations have higher numbers than others.

South Liverpool has the greatest levels of the infection at the moment.

Cressington has 73 new instances this week, while Childwall is second with 61, trailing Mossley Hill and Speke-Garston, all of which have 59 new cases.

With 26 cases reported in the previous week, the city centre ward, which had some of the highest levels of the virus for so long, now has one of the lowest levels.

When compared to the national average, Liverpool continues to struggle with immunization rates.

Only 67 percent of city residents aged 12 and up have received their first immunization, with roughly 60 percent receiving a second.

This contrasts to 86 percent of people in the United States who have had their first vaccination and 79 percent who have been double-vaccinated.


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