Camelphat details, Bramley Moore stadium boost, and driver crashes into living room


Camelphat details, Bramley Moore stadium boost, and driver crashes into living room

Good morning, here are the most recent headlines from The Washington Newsday for Friday, September 17.

A thief drove a stolen automobile across the living room of a house in Anfield.

When the car was reversed into the front of the house, people were inside.

At around 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 16, emergency services were dispatched to Attwood Street, Anfield, following reports of a car crash.

For sale is a Georgian townhouse in one of Liverpool’s most desired areas.

When emergency crews came, they discovered a black Audi A5 boot in a terraced house on the road.

The car was stolen in a burglary in Old Swan on Wednesday, September 8th, and police believe the property was targeted purposefully.

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Following insults made to staff, the owner of a city center hotel ejected a group of males.

The males allegedly made “aggressive” and “sexual” remarks to a female iStay aparthotel employee.

The hotel group’s director, Ann Chambers, said she had zero tolerance for such behavior and that similar occurrences have occurred multiple times in recent weeks.

“There were quite a few people and they were being pretty disrespectful and obnoxious, saying things that were utterly improper to a female member of staff,” the 48-year-old from Kirkby told The Washington Newsday.

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Everton’s new stadium proposal could receive £45 million in assistance from the local authorities.

The Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has proposed a £15 million grant and a £30 million loan for projects associated with the Blues’ half-billion-pound Bramley-Moore Dock plans.

The suggestions will be discussed by local officials on Friday.

The £15 million award will be used to cover the costs of public space infrastructure improvements and heritage asset preservation around the proposed stadium site.

More information can be found here.

Today is the second day of the On The Waterfront festival, which will take place at Liverpool’s Pier Head.

Nile Rodgers & CHIC headlined the festival’s opening night, which also featured performances by The Zutons and Rebecca Ferguson.

Camelphat, a Liverpool DJ duo, will perform a massive homecoming event today. “The summary has come to an end.”


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