Bitterness” husband forced to sell PS5 after he told his wife it was an air purifier


While players around the world comb the Internet for a PS5, a poor soul was forced to sell hers at his wife’s behest.

The Taiwan News reports that a Facebook user named Jin Wu wrote a story about his purchase of a PS5 from a retailer. Wu writes that the next-generation console had been sold for much less than anywhere else he had seen it, and after agreeing to buy the next-generation console, he called the dealer, and to his surprise, a woman answered the phone.

When he talked to the woman, Wu said she didn’t seem like someone who plays video games, but who would refuse to buy a lightly used PS5 at the price it is sold at? The resale price was never disclosed.

Wu also said that the woman was eager to part with the PS5. However, when Wu went to the reseller’s house to pick up the PS5, he was surprised again when a man opened the door. Assuming he was a gambler, the two of them began chatting and Wu discovered that the man had purchased the PS5 from PCHome.

Curious to know why the man was selling his PS5, Wu asked if he had bought two consoles. The man simply told Wu, “My wife wants to sell them”. Wu described the man with a “bitter expression” as the husband continued: “It turns out that women can tell the difference between a PS5 and an air filter”.

The PS5’s unconventional design has been on everyone’s lips since its unveiling in September. Gamers made fun of the design and compared it to other household appliances like air heaters, and apparently this gamer’s husband thought it looked like an air filter or air purifier enough to try to cheat on his wife. Personally, this author finds that it looks more like the CPU of a PC.

The PS5 has become one of the hottest and hardest to find technical devices of the Christmas season. Since online retailers are unable to maintain traffic and resale groups are buying up units with bots, some players have resorted to secondary markets like eBay to find PS5s. Unfortunately, resellers have taken advantage of the high demand to raise the price of the PS5 to double or triple the original price of $499.99.

The demand was so high and the supply so low that some players even asked the singer Dionne Warwick for help.

What do you think about the story of a woman who forces her husband to sell her PS5 because she is lying? Let us know in the comments section.


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