Best Sunbreaker Throwing Hammer Build in ‘Destiny 2’


Best Sunbreaker Throwing Hammer Build in ‘Destiny 2’

The Sunbreaker Titan sub-class has access to throwing hammers, which is considered the most powerful PvE melee skill in “Destiny 2.”

The Sunbreaker’s hammers may deal insane levels of damage when combined with select crucial exotic armor pieces and the correct modifications. Players could formerly use a single throwing hammer Titan to utterly melt raid enemies like Riven and Atheon in seconds until Bungie intervened.

Aside with Nerf, throwing hammer builds are still highly effective and entertaining to wield. Here’s a build that can kill Nightfall champions in 1-2 hits while also being extremely survivable.

Exotics are required.

The Wormgod’s Caress exotic gauntlets for the Burning Fists passive are required for this build to reach its maximum DPS potential. After a kill with a melee assault, these gauntlets will boost melee damage. This can happen as a result of regular punches or hammer kills.

Burning Fists stacks with the Roaring Flames ability of the middle-tree Sunbreaker, which boosts ability damage with each kill. Players will be able to rack up an enormous damage multiplier by throwing hammers, which counts as both a melee attack and an ability, resulting in damage amounts of over 200K.

Exotics are an option.

Because of its Markov Chain perk, which boosts the weapon’s damage after every melee kill, the Monte Carlo auto rifle is an excellent choice for this build. More importantly, this weapon will aid players in recovering their throwing hammer faster in the event that they misplace it across the room or off a cliff.

Another feasible choice for gamers looking to maximize their damage potential is Tractor Cannon. Alternatively, because throwing hammers counts as Light Ability damage, the Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher can function effectively with the Focusing Lens mod.

Finally, bring a One-Two Punch shotgun to increase melee damage even more.

Armor ModsThe following armor mods are required for this build:

With every hammer kill, Melee Wellmaker ensures that at least one Solar well will spawn. Because of Well of Life and the Tireless Warrior talent, which automatically activates health regeneration after picking up a hammer that hits an enemy, each well will grant greater health regeneration.

Solar wells will also provide light to players, which will fuel the Protective Light mod, which reduces damage while shields are down. To prevent explosives from killing players outright, use this with Concussive Dampener.


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