Berlin: Turkish gaming company Monster expands to Germany.


The Turkish gaming brand “Monster” ventures into the German market and opens its first store in Berlin at Alexanderplatz. Although the company specializes in gaming laptops in particular, the company is still in the process of expanding its business. But the range on offer is diverse.

Last week, the Turkish gaming company “Monster” opened its first store in Germany in Berlin at Alexanderplatz. The company announced this on its 20th anniversary. Thus it follows the announced expansion plans and ventures into a competitive market.

The company’s products are mainly aimed at gamers. It has specialized in notebooks. According to the CEO İlhan Yılmaz, the preparations for the German subsidiary have been underway since February 13th last year. The opening has been postponed due to the Corona pandemic.

In addition to laptops and monitors, accessories such as mice or gamepads are also on offer – all in typical gamer aesthetics with lots of RGB lighting. But not only gamers have targeted “Monster” as a target group: architects and designers are also to be convinced by the goods.

Berlin only the beginning of the company’s expansion

The product range and marketing strategy is comparable with other international gaming companies.

Customers have the option of having their PCs pre-configured by the company or of adapting them during the ordering process.

According to the CEO Yılmaz, the Istanbul-based company’s goal is “to establish an internationally known brand”. The Berlin office is only the beginning. “Monster” has already started to register its trademark in 20 other countries. Now the company wants to venture into the markets of Great Britain, the USA, Canada, South Korea, France and Northern Europe

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